Sanctified not Unified

    The Sanctified are those souls that permit God to “Call” them out of their worldly “CURSES”, to become ( “set apart” ) unto God and unto God’s own purposes; whereby, the Sanctified are no longer upholding an ideology of possessing ownership of themselves, but accept God’s Creation sovereignty in ownership, to therein; do in their fleshly lives what God would have them do. The Sanctified are souls that have changed their viewpoint of themselves and of others, to begin a - NEW - reference of ideology for their life’s mission. The Sanctified, then, become the real Christians and cannot be misled into a false Christian ideology that merges into the world’s cultures and norms; but, the Sanctified begin to stand out, as being set apart from the world’s powers of control and influence. The world’s influence instructs and controls all souls that fail this stature of being Sanctified; for, being Sanctified is clearly a castle moat of protection, providing a space of quarantine away from that world’s domination. The Sanctified, quite immediately at the start of being Sanctified, are brought into a fight, to battle over the “Salvation” of their own souls; for, the world “lusts” after the ownership of all of mankind, including Christian advocates, who might contest the world’s “power” of ownership. The [ DEVIL ], of course, is the unseen figure that directs all of the world’s ways; for, God, in ( HIS ) Son, the Christ Jesus, is .. NOT .. recognized to be the owner of Creation and humankind. Consequently, the world, by the indwelling influence of the [ DEVIL ], is very jealous of humankind’s soul direction / influence and control, and enforces its ( “Antichrist” ) direction / influence and control upon the souls of men, without requesting an official consent and polite agreement. The [ DEVIL ] spirit simply “Demands” compliance of the world’s souls, disregarding with utmost disdain the Sanctified ownership of God, and the Sanctified course of will, established by “Called” souls. The Sanctified usually do not understand this universal condition of the [ DEVIL’S ] “power” upon the world’s humankind, until they are encountering this Sanctified stature of God’s ownership; wherein, they learn of the automatic ( “Blowback” ) consequences from the world’s many controlled souls, who, by the [ DEVIL ], will wage a savage war of relentless brutality, against the Sanctified.

    The Sanctified souls find themselves in a glorious reality of God’s “empowerment” upon them / within them, driving them forth, strangely, with wondrous inner strength of conviction and eventful evidence of outward confirmation, causing the world’s witnesses to gasp in wonderment, to question the meaning of such unexpected events. The Sanctified, then, are made to be viewers of the world’s witnessing wonderment, knowing the indwelling reason for the world’s disruption, but not yet perceiving the impactful distress upon the [ DEVIL ] engine that abides within all of the confused men of the world. The Sanctified soon realize their influence upon the world’s social balance / imbalance; for, men of the world will show forth their distress / tribulation in the separation and even departure of the Sanctified, who, previously, belonged to the functional systems of the world’s culture, being a component of others’ social / work groups, who collectively embraced the imagined ownership of the Sanctified persons, in their previous networks of the world’s normalcies. The Sanctified persons become spectacles of strange changes, that effectually rearrange the lives of others, causing a shock of introspective alarm, and triggering a loud complaint demanding someone to intervene and set right the imbalanced dysfunction that drew such attention. The Sanctified are pulled one way, then another, as the world’s confused men try to find the mysterious equation that brought such distress / alarming dislocation. Would this or that cause a recovery of that Sanctified person? Will this mysterious change in the Sanctified boomerang in a sudden return, undoing the first brokenness in the social group with an equally mysterious repossession, back to the world’s normal status, hallmarked by a collective gasp of relief? The Sanctified become messengers, through their behavioral disconnection from their own previous natures, that are disturbing the societal systems that relied upon the perpetual status quo. Those left behind prior behaviors of the Sanctified no longer exist, leaving those dependent social groups incomplete and without recourse to find, again, their balance and cultural normalcy. Consequently, the Sanctified persons are revolutionizing that social group, preparing them for more future inevitable changes.

    The man Korah, from the Bible times of Moses .. Numbers chapter 16 .., became an iconic representative of worldly politics trying to hijack the sovereign rule of God among Covenant men. And, so it is today, in contemporary Church times, that; that same Korah spirit has established a “Beach head” of Church incursion, .. to glorify its Gentile self, .. as it promotes itself in Church leadership, .. presuming to ( “hold” ) God’s grace of endowed authority, .. insisting upon being verified Church presenters. Yet, the contemporary Church Korah spirit cannot validate itself with .. DIVINE .. confirmations, therein; rendering ( ALL ) Church proclamations of “Salvation” to be empty of Christ’s virtue, having no evidence of the Bible’s Sanctified behavior. The Korah political paradigm is empty of any signs of Godliness, in its leadership or in its followers, exemplifying only Bible referenced parallels, shadowy imitations, and blatant mockeries while portraying worldly religion perspectives. And, being without any Sanctified behaviors, the Korah mind set completely undermines the - COVENANT - principles of ( “Trials” ) and ( “Accountability” ), and definitely has no ( “reconciliation” ) with the Old Testament failures in Repentance of Sins, for the “Remission of Sins”. Furthermore, the Korah spirit claim to Church authority, has staked its claim of Church authenticity without having the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, or ( HIS ) “power” of fire, or ( HIS ) comforts / fellowships / unctions / enlightened wisdoms that are promised in scriptures. Certainly, the Korah spirit presents abundant scriptural pretensions, such as “powerless” Baptisms and staged ( “Communions” ), .. to imitate the Bible disciples, .. to counterfeit the Bible Church, to somehow force its validation by is excesses of fleshly shows. However, the Korah effectualization in the contemporary Church society only validates itself, unto a confirmation of contemporary ( “CURSING” ) and affirmations of Eternal “Damnation”, having no evidence of - COVENANT - understanding, nor entrance, as a form of real hope. The Korah spirit Church perceives not its Gentile compromise and deceit; wherein, the Korah spirit failure is certainly not associated with the ( “Antichrist” ) nature and subversion to Christianity. The Korah spirit idea is completely outside of Gentile detection and correction; so that, the Korah “powerbase” of intellectualism, by the [ “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” ], is beyond the reach of the Korah politician. The deliverance from that [ “Tree of Knowledge” ] Korah spirit and mind set can only occur by God’s Covenant methodology, requiring a true ( Faith ) in God’s “Spiritual” WAYS, a direct contradiction to the Korah WAYS of natural reason.

    The Korah experience in the Church community is .. exactly .. the same as an “untransformed” worldly soul, trying to exercise a religious paradigm through worldly logic / memorization of “rules”, that equates .. precisely .. to having [ NO ] actual understanding, at all, in New Covenant intentions and methodologies. The Korah minded person has no idea what the New Testament - COVENANT - is, nor the distinction between the [ “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” ] and the [ “Tree of Life” ] in the ( “Garden of Eden” ) .. Genesis chapters 2 and 3; consequently, the Korah orientation to the Christian religion fails the - COVENANT - intention of God. Furthermore, the Korah idea of a political - based religion is filled with all manner of worldly - Korah politics in monetary decisions, fund raising, Church appointment preferences, Church seminar training qualifications, Church society manipulations for influence, sub-committee memberships and leadership “power base” climbing. The Korah construct of Church Order is entirely based upon societal influence and control; wherein, the Korah spirit messenger .. MUST .. be an influential spokesman, a clear manipulator of the world’s common men, a dexterous ( “Liar” ) and ( “Motivator” ), having ( “Antichrist” ) tools of persuasion. That Korah mind set misdirects the community culture in an aberrational distortion of the God character, and further; sets a trajectory of misperception of God’s intentions with humankind, therein; completely enabling the [ DEVIL ] spirit in all variations of religious ( Faith ), and enabling all manner of [ EVIL ] works throughout the surrounding community. Such [ EVIL ] works in manifestation, of that Korah religion practice, are showing God’s automatic ( “Wrath” ) .. actually throughout the community .., as an angry punishment of Godly consequence upon mankind, and; without the punished / suffering men having a clue of understanding, of what is wrong, or what correction should be pursued. The Korah idea of Christianity is a ( “Crippling” ) handicap to endure and to overcome; wherein, true Christian “Believers” must undergo extraordinary suffrage in their own Sanctified lives, to press toward a - COVENANT - truth experience, to overcome the Korah spirit poisoning of the Church community, and the Korah spirit “power base” of persecution, subtly built to defend that derelict style / ( “Antichrist” ) venue of Church Order. The Sanctified “Believers” become easy targets for the Korah mind set organizers to define; for, they are set apart from the Korah Church of worldly politics, and are clearly the public enemy to the ( “Antichrist” ) system of counterfeit Christianity.

    The Christ of God, the ANOINTED, is derived from the Priesthood protocol of “Oil Anointing” in the Old Testament process of Priests’ Consecrations to prepare them for blood sacraments; wherein, the anointing of Oil would validate .. somehow with a DIVINE Gift .. the Priest’s works in animal - blood sacraments, concluding with knowable evidence of miraculous results. The Anointing / Gifting ability in the Old Testament Priesthood works was not known with clarity, as reflecting the Christ person / quality / Priestly intercession “empowerment” .. specifically .., as the Christ Gifted ability, .. of the Christ - person, .. having the Christ virtue, which is profoundly revealed in the New Testament. This Christ Anointed designation, then describes, to those that follow the Bible trail of Priesthood works, the ( “ONE” ) Priest / High Priest, God Gift - given, who - COULD - perform the intercessory Sacraments that - WOULD - accomplish .. profoundly .. the .. DIVINE LIFE .. intercession of blood Sacraments, resulting in the miraculous. The Christ designation, in its Holy virtue, .. CANNOT .. be conjured by [ EVIL ] minded men, nor matched by any alternative manner of religious Deity, but; can .. however .. be counterfeited with a [ DEVIL ] inspired methodology of Priesthood works mirroring, using God’s “power” preset in the first - COVENANT - blood Sacraments. Although the Christ ability is unique and awesome as a .. DIVINE .. manifestation in “power”, the [ DEVIL’S ] counterfeit plan of “Antichrist” Church Order will deceive many. The - END TIMES - “Antichrist” imitation / counterfeit, of the Christ ability, will deploy Priesthood blood Sacraments in the Church community, to reach into the Angel’s domain of manipulation, to generate the [ DEVIL’S ] nature in profound “Antichrist” driven works, to show miraculous signs of God’s “power” as imagined Christ works. Their Priesthood intercessions in blood Sacraments will center on murders of Christians, who are not accepting the Korah model of Church leadership. The Korah driven counterfeit Churches cannot conjure the Christ Gift of God’s Anointing, to promote their “Antichrist” driven system of Church Order, for them to claim to have God’s endorsement of confirmation. The Korah driven system of Church Order remains absent of God’s Christ abilities, in the Christ virtue, leaving such Churches subordinated to the - CURSE - universe of defaulted afflictions, in the [ DEVIL’S ] domain of morbid / “Damnation” engineering. The Sanctified Church - “Believers” have evidence of the Christ - Anointing confirmation following them, in every situation of their ( Faith ) “Trials”, even in their resisting “Antichrist” persecutions of the Korah Church type; therein, separating the Sanctified Church - “Believers” from all other deviations / variations of Christ - less Church pretension.

    The Christ “Anointing” / “virtue” / and “Priestly empowerment” is mostly a hidden secret throughout the contemporary Church universe; whereby, real Bible “Believers” are shamed by the Church toward disbelieving that such Christ qualities can possibly be experienced by flesh - bodied “living” men. The Christ ability of Priesthood works in miraculous “power” has been obscured by heavily layered doctrine programming of the contemporary Church society, stopping [ ANY ] who would dare to step into a Godly obedience, and submit themselves to a benevolent God’s Creation design of humans hosting the Christ ability and Christ virtue, to become true Christians of the Kingdom of Heaven. The “Salvation” paradigm, of the Bible and of the New Testament - COVENANT -, has entirely become fashioned by the imaginations of religious men, “untransformed” in the Christ image and who are “Antichrist” heart driven, who are compelled to make the Christian religion after their own - “DAMNED” - image. The Christ “empowerment” of Priestly intercession has been derailed entirely; wherein, the Priesthood work of blood - Angels intercession has no current assimilation in the Church community, because the Prophet administration, of the Christ doctrine, has been exempted from the Church experience. The Korah minded Church Order detests the Christ “Anointing” quality abiding within Churchmen; for, that manifestation - appearance of Christ refutes the Korah mindset of fleshly politicizing Church ownership, in Church manipulation and leveraged control, for “Earthy” ( Self ) gain. The Sanctified Church idea triggers an auto reflexive cringing of the Korah Church hijackers; wherein, Sanctified Church “Believers” prefer God to be known among men, in ( HIS ) benevolent design of humankind. The counterfeit Korah Church hijackers would lose their stations of the Christ obstruction to Sanctified Church “Believers”, and be taken out with their doctrine perversions that keep men in chains of “Spiritual” dungeons, perpetuating their afflictions of the - CURSE -. Churchmen have been separated from God’s redemptive “powers” in the “Remission of Sins” for too long, imposing unnecessary sufferings upon them that could be remedied by their finding the Christ - WAY - unto Bible “Salvation”.

    The Prophet administration is entirely contained within the Christ Anointing / “Priestly empowerment” / virtue; wherein, the Prophet - person is a direct emissary of God, reflecting ( HIS ) Kingdom of Heaven, its perspectives / protocols / and methodologies. The Church Institution, then, being endowed with the Prophet administration, is intended to represent God, as a - MOTHER - figure, that carries its marriage conceived fetuses to “Birth”, as becoming spiritually “Reborn”, then is organically endowed with “Milk” of the Word to nourish spiritual newborns unto toddler maturity, and then can nurture with “Meat” the growing child unto spiritual adolescence, preparing her children to mature unto eventual spiritual adulthood. The Church / spiritual mother is not Kingdom of Heaven functional unless the Prophet administration is present and appropriately facilitated by a Church community that accepts that functionality of God’s appointed “Gifts”; therein, the Prophet administration is a necessary / mandatory component in the Kingdom of Heaven presentation and paradigm of God’s intended reality. The Sanctified parameter of having been ( “set apart” ) unto God and unto God’s exclusive ownership of the Christ purpose certainly characterizes the Prophet - Gift .. Prophet - person .. as representing God’s Kingdom of Heaven; and therein, the reality intended by God’s mandate to the Church is .. implicitly .. dependent upon the Prophet representation in the “Believers’” tutelage. The Korah mindset in the Church construct of Order “hates” the Prophet administration; for, God’s Prophet will expose / correct / renounce the Korah paradigm of Christian religion, and indict the fraudulent Church as being a counterfeit that never accomplishes the intended mandate of God. The Sanctified “Believers” will accept the real Prophet - Gift .. Prophet – person .. as their appropriate Shepherd to follow; and therein, they will reject the Korah posers as the Antichrist subversives, that they are.

    The Prophet mission of .. DIVINE .. “Gifts” requires the Prophet - persons to disregard the Church culture of its many subversions, that confuse / distort / obfuscate the way of the Christ purpose, of the “Anointing Gift” / the “Priestly empowerment” / and its “Divine Virtue”; wherein, the true Prophet - person endures the Covenant - transformation journey while alone, being abandoned as a spiritual “New born”, and being raised up without nourishing “Milk” or “Nurturing Meat” fed by a spiritual mother. The true Prophet is raised in a - WILDERNESS - journeying experience as a spiritual wild thing, like “John the Baptist”, that knows the Church Institution to be a hypocrite of the Pharisee model, seemingly repeating over and over without an awakened reformation. The - WILDERNESS - Prophet, therein, from an early spiritual “Rebirth” onward, knows the distinction of the Church’s apostasy, as being resistant toward Bible “Truth”, on every level of spiritual integrity. The Prophet - Gift, of .. DIVINE .. insights to Bible [ X-RAY ] perspectives in the Kingdom Realm of God’s Heaven, the Prophet - person is held apart from the “Antichrist” system of Church governance, as a ( “Loner” ), seemingly becoming a recluse in the society, to abide in self exile, held apart from the dominant Church culture of “Antichrist” propaganda. The Christ ideology of the “Anointing Gift” / “Priest’s empowerment” / “virtue” becomes organically realized within the daily routine of the true Prophet - Gifted person; for, the “strange” fellowship of God’s ( “Spirit” ) is experienced, flawlessly with unctions and events of knowable “powers”, that prove with relentless confirmations the validity of Divine Life - ( “Zoë” ) and its “Priestly - Anointings’” works of prayerful intercessions. The true Prophet, in God’s required - WILDERNESS - exile, will be compelled, by the visiting ( “Spirit” ), to carry the invisible weight of suffrage in the Christ intercession for a blasphemous Church community and culture, that causes, relentlessly a complex system of Christian subversion and perverse cultural permissions. The Korah religious nature, and broad based Church standard, is the clear enemy to the Prophet - Gift / Prophet - person, not only “poisoning” the Church system within the Church society, but also distorting the community wide social order, bending the population’s attitudes against the Prophet - person’s efforts of secular support unto basic survival needs. The Sanctified status, of being ( “set apart” ) unto God, is broadly persecuted by the world’s societies; and, the Korah reference is held to as being the standard by which the true Prophet - person is judged in the world, condemning real Prophet - persons with aberrational characterizations. The Sanctified ownership of “Believers”, unto the Christ “Anointing” purpose of “Priestly intercession” is rejected .. commonly .. by a community culture that bears a heavy weight upon the true Prophet .. Prophet Gift, being a burden of “Priestly intercession” that transcends comprehension of such suffrage.

    The Vineyard of Godly nature development and fruit bearing is the analogy for the Church function; wherein, the Christ “Anointing Gift” / “Priestly empowerment” / and “virtue” is cleanly understood in recognized purpose and is pursued with dedication, as a ( “Husbandry” ) assignment given to already “Transformed” men. The Church paradigm, as the Vineyard of God’s ( “Husbandry” ), places extraordinary weight of .. DIVINE .. purpose upon ( “Called” / prepared ) men, necessitating a collaboration of ( “Husbandry” ) Gifts, God given, that begin with the Apostle Gift, then following with the Prophet Gift, and then including the Evangelist Gift and the Pastor and Teacher Gift. Therein, the Vineyard Church community is a clear laboratory of Godly works, in the proper cultivation of men’s ( “souls” ) unto the Christ “Anointing Gift” / “Priestly empowerment” / and “virtue”, in all of the Church membership. This Church Vineyard idea is Biblically centered upon correct feeding and watering, pruning and protecting, fruit harvesting, and ( “soul” ) usefulness of the Christ multiplex. The Prophet Vineyard Gift is ( THE ) measuring administration of the Church Order, that specifically can ( “Read” ) the individual or aggregate body progress in the Christ “Anointing Gift” / “Priestly empowerment” / and “virtue”; therein, the Vineyard Prophet - person is < KEY > in appraising the success of the Vineyard community, or its deficiencies or failures, that may then need correction throughout the overall Church society. The Sanctified definition, of authentic Vineyard Church members, accentuates the qualification more closely, of who are the “Believers” in the Vineyard paradigm of God’s ( “Husbandry” ), therein; more cleanly filtering out subversive infiltrators, who might well intend to drag the Vineyard ( “Husbandry” ) process into a worldly paradigm of religious confusion, and backward unto Eternal “Damnation”. Sanctified “Believers” must, necessarily, be guarded with careful Vineyard observation and perpetual Vineyard oversight, to assure God’s original standard / mandate of purpose, to obtain the Christ “Anointing Gift” / “Priestly empowerment” / and “virtue” in Sanctified “Believers”. And, the Vineyard ( “Husbandry” ) community must be carefully steered clear of the Korah persuasion of ( “soul” ) immersion into the world’s many religious ideologies of soul comforting fellowship; therein, the Vineyard Order of the Korah paradigm cannot be permitted its early beginnings.

    The Vineyard paradigm, of .. DIVINE .. ( “Husbandry” ) within a Church community, provides clarity of - COVENANT - purpose and definition of the ( “Called out” ) experience, unto the Christ multiplex of an “Anointing Gift” / “Priestly empowerment” / and “virtue” to be expected in the “Transformation” process; wherein, such “Believers” are to know what God expects from them, and why the Vineyard community is vitally significant to uphold in right fellowship. The Vineyard experience is reinforcing a difficult regimen of the Sanctified process, in separating away from worldly culture orientations / involvements / and unnecessary commitments, to become clearly dedicated to the - COVENANT - intention of [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation” unto a hope of “Salvation”. The Vineyard paradigm of discipleship, in the - COVENANT - of Jesus Christ, requires “Believers” to follow a daily fellowship with the ( “Holy Ghost” ), which then requires an obedience in their following a .. DIVINE .. path of ( faith ) “Trials”. This Vineyard ( “Husbandry” ) is not permissive of slovenly obedience unto Godliness, but is intensive in ( faith ) integrity of daily ( faith ) “Trials” pursuit, a sacrificed life in the Sanctified paradigm of authentic Christianity, Biblically anchored. The Sanctified paradigm of authentic Christianity, upheld vigorously in the Vineyard Church community, progresses the Vineyard “Believers” toward their [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation” unto a hope of “Salvation”. The Vineyard Prophet Gift / person, as a core component in the Church leadership community, is ( THE ) primary spokesman of this [ OLD MAN / NEW MAN ] “Transformation” methodology; and then, that same Vineyard Prophet Gift / person is ( THE ) assessment administrator, that affirms or denies such a Sanctified pursuit by Vineyard “Believers”. The Vineyard ( “Husbandry” ) Prophet must, then, be on hand, available for many confirmation requests, when Vineyard “Believers” are directed by the ( “Holy Ghost” ) in decisions of sacrificed commitment, perhaps unhinging them, psychologically, with such radical sacrifices. The Vineyard Prophet - persons must remain close by, to answer such Vineyard counseling requests, when daily matters are complexly arranged in progressing Sanctified “Believers” through their journeying of ( faith ) “Trials”. The Korah Church paradigm will be the primary threat to such Sanctified ( “souls” ); for, the Korah religious ideology, in all of its many worldly alternatives, will guide worldly minded .. “untransformed” .. men toward ( “Saving the Self” ), and skirting around Godly directed sacrifices with preferences for ( “Self affirming godhood” ).

    The Church community of multiplex Vineyard arranging of .. DIVINE .. Gifts for the Christ “Anointing Gift” / “Priestly empowerment” / and “virtue” development in all Church members; this community must abide in a carefully structured doctrine mindset of the Bible’s narrative, so championed by a real Prophet - person, of the Prophet - Gift. The Church, then, must very carefully follow the original pattern revealed to the New Testament Apostle - persons, named sequentially in Matthew chapter 10, as the permanent standard for ( ALL ) times, until the - END - of the New Testament process culminates in the Apocalypse of John. The Church / Vineyard of God’s ( “Husbandry” ) is sternly warned against any variance of individual preference or worldly divergence, to remain fixated, implicitly, upon the Christ “Anointing Gift” / “Priestly empowerment” / and “virtue” development as ( THE ) unique and never ending principle purpose for Church function .. Church doctrine memory .. Church maturity and completion of the New Testament - COVENANT -, so intensively fulfilled in a « perfecting » Apocalypse of Church processes. The Korah religion mindset must be remembered in the Church leadership community as the perpetual threat to the Christ integrity; and therein, the Korah structure of Church leadership must be carefully guarded against, especially throughout the Apocalypse « perfection » of the Church, to the extreme prejudice of safeguards. This Apocalypse of John becomes a .. DIVINE .. process of Church perfecting / proving / and validation; from which, the Christ “Anointing Gift” / “Priestly empowerment” / and “virtue” is realized on a grand scale of human multitudes.

    The Church paradigm, of doctrine framing and .. DIVINE .. oversight through Gifts, this Church society is intended, by God, to perpetually remain stedfast in the < Core > principle of developing / perfecting the Christ “Anointing Gift” / “Priestly empowerment” / and “virtue” in all Church members, even in an ever expanding population of the world’s [ SIN FILLED ] human creatures. The Church society is clearly intended to bring its influence of .. DIVINE .. grace unto many men of the world, and embrace all who have been ( “Called” ) by God, bringing them into the Vineyard multiplex of New Testament - COVENANT - Gifts for proper Church ( “Husbandry” ) in perpetual indoctrination, enabling, and edification. The original Bible Apostle - persons would be quoted and taught to ( ALL ) new - COVENANT - “Believers”; and therein, they would be Prophet - Gift measured as the undergirding “power” of ( faith ) confirmation, ordering ( ALL ) new “Believers” to fit within a basic culture of Church regimentation. The Prophet - Gift, being required to assess and confirm the ( faith ) of ( ALL ) - COVENANT - “Believers”, then requires the perpetual recruitment / discipleship / and careful confirmation of many new Prophet - persons, as ( ALL ) other Church administrations will need to be perpetually reinforced and populated, accommodating an ever expanding membership of the world’s men. The Christ standard, still, remains the same for ( ALL ) - COVENANT - members, requiring the Church to uphold its Vineyard processes of multiplex ( “Husbandry” ) and maintain its intended Vineyard integrity to doctrine framing and .. DIVINE .. oversight, without Church variation. The Korah threat of Church corruption will be at the apex of careful scrutiny; for, the world’s men, being drawn into the - COVENANT - Church community, will come from a worldly mindset of Gentile intellectualism, of a wide diversity of Pagan religions, who then would naturally try to bend the newly experienced Christian religion into an easy Korah variation of their previous worldly experience. This, automatically, will constitute a universal Church conflict with all new proselytes, perpetually challenging the strength of integrity of such a Church order.

Michael Mitchell