The New Testament / Covenant is the very definition and core reference for confirming ( real ) Apostles of Jesus Christ; for, their very purpose of functionality is originated in the idea of a < Covenant with God > remembrance and presentation. Without having this < Covenant with God > offering, there would be .. NO .. reason for a “SENT” messenger [ Apostle ] to reveal it. Jesus Christ, having authenticated ( HIS OWN ) particular category of messenger, would send to God’s created men such a prepared messenger, entirely absorbed into the < Covenant of the New Testament >, who would not / could not be deflected off of this focus of “SENT” purpose! This Apostle designation should not be loosely redefined to a “general preaching” designation of purpose, that splatters about a < warning of God’s coming Judgement >, or to a < vague promise of mystical salvation >, but is more .. intensively .. linked to a “COVENANT WITH GOD” theme, that expands powerfully into a “Kingdom” concept of .. DIVINE .. Order! The Apostle of Jesus Christ is compelled, by a “living” Spirit, to remain focused, perpetually concentrated, cleanly detached from distraction, even annoyingly repetitive; so that, anyone following his / her message thread will clearly hear that Covenant with God theme emphasized, and will not be drawn away unto ( ALL ) of the many alternative messages, that routinely muddy the waters of .. New Testament .. Christianity! The .. New Covenant .. of Jesus Christ is profoundly significant to the world’s men, breaking the hold of [ “SIN” ] and [ “DEATH” ], to change, permanently, the behaviors of the world’s societies, and redirecting the trajectory of the experience / learned expectation of all of mankind. The Apostles of Jesus Christ know this Covenant “reality” as a personal paradigm, and are gifted with specific abilities to convey this future hope to the world’s [ CURSED ] men. The Kingdom of God “reality”, accessible .. ONLY .. within the context of the NEW COVENANT, is profoundly revealed / understood / empowered by ( HIS ) Apostles, and by no other way. The Covenant idea, as a unique device of God for conducting < evil > men into a “holy” condition / life, opens doors for this transformative Covenant process to activate, therein; allowing < evil > men to access their own quintessential recovery unto a .. DIVINE .. nature, and unto God’s ability for ( SOUL ) Salvation. The Covenant .. methodology .. is historically God’s technique, learnable from the “First” Covenant ( the Old Testament ), which Covenant, now, is accessible with its improvements, through the Covenant “Curators”, the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

  The Covenant of Jesus Christ, as an original design of the Creator – God, fulfills the intent of recovering ( fallen ) men to their Creation purpose of serving God’s son, Jesus Christ; wherein, recovered men may ( HOST ) the “living” Word of God within their Heart Gardens, providing a flesh tabernacle for Jesus Christ, and the Creator – Father’s Spirit, to dwell within. This recovery process, being complex and laborious to fulfill, is entirely dependent upon the Covenant idea to become known to ( fallen ) men, requiring, therein, a “Curator” who can explain the Covenant process and deliver the “hope” of God’s Covenant promises, having gifted abilities to enable [ CURSED ] men to access such a Covenant. The appointed “Curator”, of this profoundly miraculous Covenant, is the Apostle – gift of Jesus Christ, a uniquely powerful Covenant appointment, having its inherent ordination of .. DIVINE .. ability. This Apostle – person, having been preselected, actually by Jesus Christ, is required to undergo hardships of personal obedience of sacrifice, sometimes of astonishing “nonlogic”, that forces the Apostle candidate to launch ( the self ) into a realm beyond any mechanism of ( self control ) or justification for later arguable defense; therein, proving such an Apostle candidate to be dependent .. entirely .. upon .. DIVINE .. ability and not upon ( self serving abilities ). A Covenant man / woman becomes a “fearless” messenger of God, undaunted by peer pressures, familial traditions, or religious protocols, courageously launching into otherwise unknown circumstances, even leading others unto a “FAITH” leap that will obtain a help from God that circumvents worldly limitations and religious threats. The Apostles of Jesus Christ are tried / proved to be “FAITH” champions by many previous historical events; whereby, God’s signs of confirmation are evident in ( supernatural ) powers, that defy the normal expectations & experiences of the world’s ( fallen ) men. A Covenant Apostle will be a powerful spokesman for that Covenant, able to show many signs of confirmation, that “follow” behind the – VOICE – that declares the Covenant. Men of the world, hearing that – VOICE – and witnessing the “following” miracles, are impressed, some to simply wonder, others to pursue after the < hope > of Covenant Life. ( Fallen ) men of the Religious Church Tradition, are similarly affected, some to wonder after the Words / signs of the Covenant Apostle, and some to contemplate their learned traditions of – DEAD – Church learning, to perhaps challenge the System of Religious lies, that promise Covenant rewards, especially < Salvation >, without having any “following” evidence of .. DIVINE .. Confirmation. Covenant Apostles are .. NOT .. delegated by Traditional Churchmen’s endorsement, with an endowed staging prestige of robe dignities. Covenant Apostles may appear to not be Religious nor even Churchy Society endorsed, but instead; are messengers of .. DIVINE .. Order, [ SENT ] by God, even Jesus Christ, and are not conveyors of the Church .. “Cults” .. of – DEAD – Religion.

  An Apostle of Jesus Christ will affirm the original Apostle Doctrine precepts and statutes, holding to Biblical narratives of Old Testament and New Testament accounts, seemingly being constrictively repetitious and narrow minded. Other religious men, striving to advocate a broader expanse of Christian – FAITH – and behaviors, associating their philosophical views with authentic Christianity; such religious men will be opposed by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, even denounced publicly as an < Antichrist > messenger of subversion. Such an Apostle of Jesus Christ will .. NOT .. be friendly to aberrational religion, even when such aberrations are presumptively declared to be sound Christian < Doctrines >. The Apostle of Jesus Christ will have no tolerance for “trendy” cultural modernizations of Church thinking, even when such “trendy” cultural Church views are presented with great stage shows of conviction and glorious spectacles, having a shroud of ( “Authoritarian Rightness” ), even endorsed by other religious stage men. A cultural aberration of Christianity, no matter how broadly popularized, will not sway the Apostle of Jesus Christ, nor subvert an Apostle Doctrine construct, as a .. DIVINE .. mandate qualifier of ( “true Rightness” ). The Apostle of Jesus Christ will be a missile of profound purpose, crashing into any / every obstacle of Church perversion that laces the Christian spectacle, even challenging minor perversions of Christian decoration, and having .. NO .. mercy toward individualized licensing of Church variations, the Apostle is seemingly being contentious when a friendly demeanor is offered by standing Church leadership, in their pretense of being harmless as “lambs”, when they advocate persuasions of diabolical subversions. The Apostle of Jesus Christ will be sternly / loudly a warning messenger within a culture of practicing “damnation”, the Apostle denouncing ( “lies” ) as being ( “lies” ) and not accepting the cultural notion that Christian ( “Rightness” ) is all about merciful acceptance of any / all others’ viewpoints of religion; whereby, Christian tolerance is proverbially held to in the contemporary Church culture as being ( THE ) most prominent virtue of Christian character, especially when such diverse viewpoints may render .. DIVINE .. truth to a subordinated role of less significant relevance, and especially when such diverse viewpoints are contributory to a massive loss of ( SOULS ) in eternal damnation. The Apostle may well be infuriated by Church licensing of cultural aberrations, the Apostle becoming a spectacle of “Fiery” indignation, to sound an alarm of corrective awakening. The Apostle of Jesus Christ holds to original Bible narratives of Covenant Apostle purpose, its terms of Apostle access and conditions of fulfillment, even when surrounded by voluminous members of a Church advocacy, in their loud assertiveness of Covenant dismissiveness and irrelevancy.

  The Apostle of Jesus Christ is God’s appointed authority to baptize Covenant believers into ( 1 ) the “Remission of Sin”, and then into ( 2 ) the “Holy Ghost and Fire”, and then into ( 3 ) the “Church Body”, to operate in Kingdom of God < Gifts > and insightful abilities, to conduct the business of God, within the Covenant intentions as “Body of Christ” members; whereby, without this Apostle – person being present, in each location, such a “Body of Christ” cannot commence / grow & mature / fulfill its Covenant mandate. The Apostle of Jesus Christ is indispensable to the Church functionality, in God’s intention of serving Jesus Christ; whereby, when the Apostle is present / actively engaged in the Church system of Order, the “Body of Christ” has clarity of its purpose, and will conduct “Spiritual” works of intercessory – FAITH – that will advance the Covenant toward a broader population, of nations and tongues, of extended families and names of sociological relevance, to extend the Covenant Church throughout the world. Without having the Apostle - person present / actively engaged in the Church system of Order, as it is so absent in the Church Society today, any population growth, in converting more and more of the world’s peoples to contemporary Christianity, the Covenant is not advanced forward, nor accessed, leaving untold multitudes abiding in an unchanged condition of ( SOUL ) damnation, without knowledge or being warned of Covenant failure. The Apostle of Jesus Christ is profoundly necessary as ( THE ONE ) component that qualifies the Church in Covenant truth, that can effect the correlated changes that implicitly qualifies the Church as being the Covenant driven Church community, that can perform the duties / works of intercessory – FAITH – that will serve God’s Christ Jesus, to affect the world with .. DIVINE .. grace of “redemption” unto “salvation”. The Apostle – person, as a .. DIVINELY .. appointed station of Church qualification, this Apostle – person knows what others cannot know, and the Apostle – person can baptize with powers that others .. simply .. do not have, and that the Church cannot compensate for in some theory of alternate methodology; wherein, they of the Church Society have historically dismissed God’s Apostle - persons, in favor of their alternate methodologies, of their own devices and worldly genius, that promotes their idea of career glory and financial kingdom greatness, missing .. astoundingly .. the Covenant of Jesus Christ, with its terms of Apostle access and conditions of fulfillment. The Apostle of Jesus Christ requires the worldly standards of a failed Church methodology to be yielded up in surrendered forfeit, toward a truthful acceptance of God’s true methodology of Covenant baptisms, provided by the [ SENT ] Apostle, of Kingdom of Heaven purpose. The Apostle of Jesus Christ is a qualifier of Church functions, defining the “Spiritual” Gifts, in their appropriate functions, and the Apostle – person baptizing the predestined candidates in their “Spiritual” Gifts, giving them leadership definition and Apostle – Gifted authority, to conduct their “Spiritual” Gifts with .. DIVINE .. purpose and Covenant – knowledge confidence. The Apostle of Jesus Christ is most consistent, reliably constant, and is .. NEVER .. loosely driven with wild Covenant ideologies, but; will exactly be mirroring the Biblical narrative of any / every forefather Apostle – person.

  The Church Society is cleanly absent of .. DIVINE .. Gifts; wherein, the Church does not rely upon Gifts of God, and does not recognize the absence of such Gifts, and further would not know how to explain / define / interpret the active Gifts if they did appear. Gifts of a Kingdom of Heaven are completely beyond the functional reality of the contemporary Church Society, pressing them to conjure an intellectualized rendition of Worldly abilities of men, as being ( THE ) referenced Gifts of scriptural intent, therein; becoming redefined to alibi Churchmen in their Worldly / physical athletic abilities / financial – computer – scientific abilities that are prominent and common among untransformed .. Gentile < EVIL > men. The Gifts of God are presently a mystery of Heaven’s sensibilities of awareness, that only equate to believers that have entered into the experience of being < “Called Out” > by God, wherein; they suddenly .. and profoundly .. witness a “spiritual” universe that is alive with wondrous beings and powers of extraordinary movements, that previously remained a mystery of speculation, even of wild imagination. God’s Gifts, intended to be a normal and common reality of the Covenant Church Institution, is a “frightening” manifestation to behold by unbelieving watchers, who cannot control, nor predict, such events, and especially when the unbelieving witnesses are acting as Church leadership without the Apostle foundation, presuming to show forth intellectual prowess in worldly intellectualism as their Gifts of God validation, of their presumed Covenant Church qualifications. Gifts of God, therein, have become redirected unto worldly minded tripe, confused toward deformed and disfigured subversions of worldly deceit and < Antichrist > misdirection. Authentic Gifts of God are required, coming through the Covenant Apostle, in order to know the legitimacy of a Godly, holy, Church, that produces the scriptural results of “Remission of Sins”, unto a real progress of Covenant “Salvation”. Gifts of God are a ( sign ) of .. DIVINE .. confirmation, particularly when such Gifts accompany evidence of miraculous / strange / unexpected manifestation events, needful and yet not verbalized in advance. Gifts of God affirm Covenant believers as having an < “appointed mission” > of Kingdom importance, providing a .. DIVINE .. sensibility of awareness or power that works necessary effectuations in the “Body of Christ”, to advance the .. NEW COVENANT .. of Jesus Christ. Gifts of God are vitally necessary, and apparently need to be explained commonly; for, there is presently a grotesque orientation that hides this Gifts of God reality from the common Church participants.

  The Gifts of God, of the .. NEW COVENANT .. are to be viewed, specifically, as Gifts of Jesus Christ, and of the New Covenant Apostle, especially when the “true” Gifts are defined and experienced, as .. NOT .. being Gifts of a generalized Bible Old Testament reference. The Gifts of Jesus Christ are, specifically, not of the Old Testament enabling character, but show forth a .. NEW COVENANT .. qualification, that contemporary Christian believers should experience and rely upon, distinguishing such believers as having passed through the transformative Baptism process of the “Remission of Sins”, and having encountered the Apostle “Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire”, to therein become .. DIVINELY .. endowed with the Apostle “Baptism into the Body of Christ”, to bring helpful Gifts abilities to ( “The Body” ), for helping the whole “Body of Christ” and not for just helping ( The Self ). This is a learning process, with its “spiritual” - TRIALS -, to enjoin ( The Self ) to the .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Gifts, that progressively clarifies the “true” Church that serves the “Body of Christ”, as a part of its defined purpose. The ( “Self Identity” ) of submitting ( The Self ) to the serving of “Christ’s Body” through God’s Gifts, and whatever that Gifts paradigm may require in time and energy and effort, to sacrifice time, sleep, financial exhaustion, conflicts of convenience, even having conflicts of commitment to others that are not of the “Body of Christ”, in the supplying of those Gifts to progress the “Church Body”, in its healing and strengthening and better Covenant readiness for the future; therein, the ( “Self Identity” ) transfers from serving ( The Self’s ) interests and priorities, to become utilitarian in serving God’s Christ Jesus with “spiritual” Gifts, regardless of that level of commitment and cost of worldly losses. The Gifts of God are an integral component in the Church reality of Kingdom of God functions, when such a Church is cleanly focused in its own ( “Self Identity” ) toward serving Jesus Christ, from within the .. NEW COVENANT .. of .. DIVINELY .. ordained Gifts. There is .. NO .. NEW TESTAMENT .. Church reality in existence, when Gifts of Jesus Christ are not evident in daily and continuous Covenant Church manifestations, period. When any Church is presenting itself as a .. NEW TESTAMENT .. representation of Jesus Christ, from the .. NEW COVENANT .. Bible, and .. NO .. Gifts of God are evident in display, such pretending Churches are .. absolutely .. < Antichrist > subversions, that [ WILL ] be “judged” in the Apocalypse of John, the “Revelation”; whereby, God the Creation Father overtakes them, [ as promised ], and turns them into the – BEAST – of condemnation. The Gifts of God, functioning properly in others, will warn of these – BEAST – Churches, and how to evade them in careful maneuvers, leaving such – BEAST – Churches, without God’s Gifts, unto their eventual devastation and “damnation”.

  The Kingdom of Heaven, as a Church reference, particularly as a Priesthood “prayer life” functionality, is a complete mystery; for, the contemporary Church Society is .. completely .. lost from having any ( Self Identity ) of being of Heaven, as having a living Church awareness, or of having Heaven’s Sensibilities of causative interactions. The Kingdom of Heaven is a direct reference of God’s identity, of God’s being present in power, with ( HIS ) Gifts, and is a direct reference of having God’s ownership of supreme sovereignty; therein, the Kingdom of Heaven, God’s omnipotent source of supernatural Gifts, the Kingdom of Heaven is an absolute reference, whenever the Church takes its stand of representing God, as being ( HIS ) Church among men. So, the Apostle identity, within the Kingdom of Heaven paradigm, designates the Church community as being God’s official spokesman among the community of [ SINFUL ] / < EVIL > human creatures; and, when any society of men take upon themselves this specific role of being God’s Church, they are placing themselves, squarely, in God’s Kingdom of Heaven domain of sovereign rule, thereby subjecting themselves to God’s imposition of Apostle – OVERSIGHT – and correction or chastisements of punishing consequence, especially when the Church officially renounces God’s correction, or God’s Apostle – persons, or other Kingdom of Heaven servant messengers sent of God within Jesus Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven ordinance of Church authority. The New Covenant of Jesus Christ, appointed with this Kingdom of Heaven paradigm of God’s – OVERSIGHT – inclusion, then becomes an assured factor in the Church’s continued functionality, of Kingdom of Heaven steerage through any difficulty of any cultural persuasion or pressure of societal change. The Kingdom of Heaven is .. certainly .. a supernatural factor of Covenant Church direction, as it so implies as a Bible term, and of a certainty; should be understood by the Church community, and should .. NOT .. be a surprise that ambushes the Churches’ governors, in their political schemes of societal power and greed. The Church society will, certainly, be ambushed by God’s sovereign rule, that specifies a Kingdom of Heaven system of – GOVERNANCE -, superseding the Gentilized .. “flesh minded” .. ideology of Church management and public presentation, to impose a Kingdom of Heaven chastisement, harsh in its shocking absolution, and yet forewarned of by John’s Apocalypse, in “Revelation”, portraying a severe consequence of Church punishment, that supersedes all logic of Gentile rationality, in their projection of an intellectualized Church system of religious Order. This Kingdom of Heaven paradigm prevails, in the end, against all of mankind’s assertions of mentalized rule over Jesus Christ’s Covenant, its terms and conditions, and its promises of Biblical benefits; therein, the Kingdom of Heaven brings deceitful men to their just and proper consequences of balanced penalties, for their posing a pretentious Church Ideology that subverts entirely a Kingdom of Heaven subordination and dependency.

   The Kingdom of Heaven, as a system of Jesus Christ’s rule, is structured with Gifts, according to the .. DIVINE .. Creator, with .. DIVINE .. Order that starts with the Apostle - person; wherein, such a system of the Kingdom of Heaven maintains, perfectly, a community of humankind that fulfills, perfectly, the Father’s intended serving of ( HIS ) Son, Jesus Christ. Without this system of Gifts and Order, the Kingdom of Heaven, being established / obeyed / adhered to, by Kingdom of Heaven men, with their Apostle – persons being present, their natures of [ SINFUL ] / < EVIL > would continually remain [ SINFUL ] / < EVIL > natures, having no hope of Biblical deliverance / “Salvation”. The Kingdom of Heaven, therein, is required as a form to follow, and to not resist with Gentilized rationality; for, it is God’s sovereign rule that declares such a Kingdom of Heaven system of Gifts and Order to adhere to. No other methodology will accomplish God’s Kingdom of Heaven Covenant plan of “Salvation”; and therein, by any substitution, God’s Son, Jesus the Christ, cannot fulfill ( HIS ) Kingdom of Heaven Covenant promises, that are so bantered about flippantly by Gentile Churchmen. Gentile “silliness” must simply stop, and allow the Bible - WAY - of a Kingdom of Heaven system of Gifts and hierarchy to prevail without interference and facetious dabbling, out of a presumed intellectualized prowess of rationalized mastery, accompanied with its [ SINFUL ] / < EVIL > imposition of rule. The Kingdom of Heaven is the – WAY – of Jesus Christ, and is not one of variable – WAYS -, for; corrupt men to tamper with through infinite Gentile reasonings of the Creature’s ( fallen ) nature. Jesus Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven is integral to the Bible’s solution to the problem of men’s [ SINFUL ] / < EVIL > condition; whereby, as Jesus Christ directs ( HIS ) Kingdom of Heaven Covenant men to perform their obedient tasks of New Covenant Priesthood functionality, such Kingdom of Heaven achievements will bring astonishing results of .. DIVINE .. benevolence upon [ SINFUL ] / < EVIL > men, unto their deliverance / “Salvation” from their auto defaulted corrupt natures / “cursings”. The Kingdom of Heaven system, of .. DIVINELY .. structured Gifts, hierarchical appointments, and Order, accomplishes easily what alternative methodologies .. CANNOT .. accomplish at all, even with exaggerated efforts, sacrifice, pompous spectacles, and intricate constructs of rationalized concepts. Men .. CANNOT .. duplicate, nor supersede, the Kingdom of Heaven, to produce the Bible’s promises; for, the Creator - God fashioned ( HIS ) works to be accommodated .. exactly .. ( HIS ) - WAY –, without any alternate methods from [ SINFUL ] / < EVIL > men having success. It is astonishingly ( “futile” ) to so exercise substitutions to Jesus Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven, even when so rationalized and religiously practiced by [ SINFUL ] / < EVIL > men.

  The Church Institution, as a representation of God and ( HIS ) Son, the Christ Jesus, is intended to be “Spiritual”, engineered entirely to accommodate the – WAY – of the Kingdom of Heaven; and therein, the Church is to be the perfect conduit between the Creator God and the Human Creature, regardless of every affliction type, aberrational motivation, and handicap of “Intellectualized” rationalization. The Church of Jesus Christ is .. emphatically .. to be knowledgeable in the Kingdom of Heaven reality, with all of the many variables of Church – WAYS – and Apostle – WORKS – of God; therein, the Church is intended to be Apostle discipled thoroughly in the - “Precepts” - “Statutes” - “Judgments” - and - “Mercies” - of the Creator God, having a genuine alacrity of functional purpose of an Eternal God Creator. Therein, the Church, as an official institution of God’s Creation, has a Divine purpose with a plethora of Gifts, to have been defined with precise thoroughness and precision by Apostle Oversight, to not be vague and grossly ignorant across the vast expanse of Godly Creation intention. Jesus Christ is [ BOTH ] the original purpose of God’s Church servitude, but also is the explaining - person / perfect curator / guide to the Church, even being the original Church Apostle, whenever ( Called ) Church – persons might listen, having been bestowed with “ears to hear” the – VOICE – that God has sent in ( HIS ) ordaining Church Gifts, and would send in any generation’s societal paradigm. The Church is the Institution of particular appointment of .. DIVINE .. grace, to conduct itself with prepared understanding and “Priestly” orientation of a Kingdom of Heaven paradigm, for the declared purpose of “Salvation” for Humankind. The Church should .. NOT .. be ignorant / grotesquely inadequate / pompously obstructionistic, as it currently presents itself, as a pretension of Church – persons’ being humbly genuine without using its Gifts, by openly declaring its shortcomings / publicly recognized flaws as its aberrational covering entitlement, that mischievously pretends to represent God’s authenticity. The Church is ( THE ) “tool” that Jesus Christ uses / will use to advance ( HIS ) Kingdom of Heaven throughout the established world of rampant [ SIN ] & < EVIL >, therein; the Church has the bestowed responsibility / accountability of bringing God’s “Salvation” to multitudes of unknowing men.

   The Church is a body of “persons - believers” in Jesus Christ, in ( HIS ) sacrificial death and profound resurrection, in ( HIS ) redeeming [ SINFUL ] < EVIL > men from their invisible bondage of serving sin, to deliver them into a [ COVENANT ] reality of Holy Ghost power and “life” - Zoë, allowing their “Salvation” unto Eternal Life. Such “believing” Church men [ ARE ] the Church body, a “Spiritual” body for God and ( HIS ) Son to dwell within, not as with stone, bricks and morter, steel girders and rivets, wood and nails, glass and shingles, but being “living” flesh bodies as the intended < HOST > form for God’s continuous “Life” - Zoë to dwell within, an telltale Church Apostle concept.. The Church, therein, does not belong to itself, in ownership, but being disclosed as another telltale Church Apostle concept; the Church body of “persons - believers” is owned by the Creator – God, as ( HIS ) sovereign possession, to .. NOT .. be debated nor resisted by [ SINFUL ] < EVIL > religious Church men. The Church .. therein .. is a Creation of .. DIVINE .. intent, to be molded into the ( Image ) design / purpose of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, to function .. perfectly .. in ( HIS ) ordained “Spiritual” Gifts. The Church must not leave this paradigm of God’s intent, to fashion another design, of [ SINFUL ] < EVIL > men’s craftiness, to attempt reengineering God’s Church as somehow belonging to such [ SINFUL ] < EVIL > men, to therein; substitute untransformed men’s [ SINFUL ] < EVIL > Church logic for Kingdom of Heaven “Spiritual” Gifts, whereby; God would proverbially ( serve ) the ( interests / desires ) of such [ SINFUL ] < EVIL > men, even Church men. This attempt, to hijack the Church of Jesus Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven purpose, would hypothetically cause God to serve [ SINFUL ] < EVIL > men with .. DIVINE .. power, of Eternal permanence, elevating [ SINFUL ] < EVIL > men, even Church men, above the Creator God. God will not permit such a reprobate paradigm to manifest with Kingdom of Heaven empowerment, as so revealed by the Biblical narrative of the “Tower of Babel”, clearly indicating that God has encountered before such a depraved notion, and has precluded such attempts with an appropriate regulation of set powers. The loss of these Church attempts becomes the loss to such [ SINFUL ] < EVIL > men, in their loss of the Covenant plan of “Salvation”, eternally punishing such reprobate Church men in their depraved intentions.

by: Michael Mitchell