MISSION STATEMENT for Prophets Of Jesus Christ

And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.
Matthew 11:6

Our ministry's < FIRST > priority is to “Introduce the contemporary church community to the Remission of Sins reality, of DIVINE Grace”.

A brief tutorial on . . .                                                       


a. the devil spirit is suppressed; wherein, the ( power ) of sin is stopped within such men

b. preexisting divine judgments & future events of divine punishment, triggered by active sins, are stopped abruptly

c. antichrist compulsions / addictions / delusions cease operating immediately

d. chronic diseases / mental afflictions / devilish torments are corrected within divine grace

e. “gifts of the spirit” are extracted out of the devil's power of deceiving manipulations, for church purity of ONENESS

f. “Remission of Sins” opens the Entrance to the ( Baptism ) into the Holy Ghost Spirit


From this < CORE > platform of purpose, Prophets Of Jesus Christ has prepared a preliminary scripture storyline of “Repentance of Sins” that, when dutifully followed in right minded faith, brings the following church community to the manifestation experience of the “Remission of Sins”.

Then, the next sequential manifestation experience occurs of the “Baptism into the Holy Ghost”, WHICH HAS NOT, AFORE NOW, OCCURRED IN THE CONTEMPORARY CHURCH UNIVERSE.

This Holy Ghost immersion reality is God's official Entrance into the “Covenant of Jesus Christ”; wherein, many profound spiritual events, of the Holy Ghost, leads the honest believers directly to the Covenant goal of Soul Transformation, unto Divine Salvation of “Eternal Life”.

The < SECOND > core objective, and ministry purpose, of Prophets Of Jesus Christ, is to teach / “preach to” the listening church community its understanding of, and its necessary accepting of, the - WAY - of God, in the “Covenant of Jesus Christ”; so that, Covenant believers, having had .. first .. experienced the “Remission of Sins” reality, and the following “Baptism into the Holy Ghost”, such church believers may follow this - WAY - of Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost leadership, throughout the Covenant journey, will adhere implicitly to this - WAY - of God and HIS Christ unto the successful completion of Soul Transformation, unto Divine Salvation of “Eternal Life”. The contemporary church must learn to obey this - WAY - of God, without argument or tantrum fits of rebellion.

A brief tutorial on . . .


a. the Covenant of Jesus Christ was / is created originally for the Jews and not the Gentiles

b. the prior Covenant, of the Old Testament, failed and required a new consecrating sacrifice and new promises of a supplementary Covenant

c. the new Covenant of Jesus Christ is not automatically activated for all of humankind, but requires entrance, having a particular protocol of “Remission of Sins”

d. Covenant men must learn the “Divine” purpose of the Covenant of Jesus Christ, which includes the miraculous Baptism into the Holy Ghost, through which the - VOICE - of Jesus Christ is activated for a daily walk experience

e. the < CORE > purpose of walking in a Covenant with God, through the sacrifice and witness of Jesus Christ, is to become soul transformed, unto the Covenant plan of obtaining ( Eternal Life )

f. The Covenant walk incorporates the daily guidance of the Holy Ghost, who leads Covenant men through a process of < TRIALS > of personal sacrifice

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN GIFTS, OF New Testament PROPHETS ( Ephesians 4:7-13 )

Our Prophets' ministry < GIFTS >, as appointed by God through HIS “Kingdom of Heaven” ( spiritual impartations ), are specifically directed to accomplish particular church understandings. Such Prophets' < GIFTS > are intended to reveal, to churchmen, God's ( Oversight Husbandry ), of Covenant related insights, such as: believers' ( repentance of sins ) or lack of ( repentance of sins ); manifestations interpretation and their correction of attitudes and behaviors that have previously fostered God's warnings and judgements in the experienced manifestations.

Further, the intended leadership role of God's New Testament Prophets is to verbalize God's Covenant objectives, to enable Covenant men to understand, and to cooperate with, the Holy Ghost Spirit, as the Covenant Holy Ghost guides Covenant men toward personal decisions and behavioral disciplines; wherein, such guidance of the Holy Ghost teaches Covenant men the - WAY - of God's Christ, that will accomplish soul transformation, of the Covenant “Salvation” plan.

And as well, God's New Testament Prophets will warn Covenant “believers” to adjust in advance to the unfolding “Apocalypse”, in the coming variations of ( Antichrist ) persecutions and temptations.

The church hindrance to overcome

Prophets Of Jesus Christ battles daily against an ( Antichrist spirit ), that resists with all determination the Covenant fulfillment of Jesus Christ. This resisting ( spiritual ) force is abiding within human hosts, who are trained / indoctrinated thoroughly / culturally brain washed to deny the Christ of God and even to deny God .. the CREATOR . This resisting force of Devil - inhabited humans is eerily represented by the Christian community of all contemporary church Denominations. This Christian universe of “Acting” churches must now be overcome to bring this DIVINELY authored ( Reformation ), evident in the New Testament of Jesus Christ and required to be believed in “faith”.

The “power” of the Kingdom of Heaven is now evident within Covenant men, after they have passed through the “Remission of Sins” experience and have received the Scripture's promise of “Baptism into the Holy Ghost Spirit”. This “power” of the New Testament Christ must be adjusted to; for, the pretending church's theater of dead rituals, of pretended ( Baptisms ) and weekly ovations of ( good Gentile Christianity ), have left the contemporary Christians complacent in their pretended “righteousness”, and therein; unprepared for a true Holy Ghost guidance system of ( “Divine power” ). Therefore, contemporary Christians are offended intensively and weaponized to resist any reform that may lead them into a valid Covenant experience of Holy Ghost “power”.


From this < CORE > platform of church purpose, Prophets Of Jesus Christ is prepared for supporting other ministry types, in various church cultures; wherein, our ideological structure may well “refresh” and encourage reform of struggling churches.

Then, should any such churches become inspired to advance their doctrine reform to a greater level, Prophets Of Jesus Christ is prepared to enable such reforms, to the measure that is comfortable for such churchmen.

The goal of Prophets Of Jesus Christ is to keep the church leadership local, even in the increasing of Covenant < GIFTS > scattered among new Holy Ghost “driven” believers. The ( Body of Christ ) will increase, as well as becoming more “spiritually” clean from the “Remission of Sins” and through the - OVERSIGHT - priesthood intercession, of a “refreshed” church leadership.

The < SECOND SUPPLEMENTAL > objective, and ministry purpose, of Prophets Of Jesus Christ, is to remind the listening church community that the ( “Revelation” ) book, of the Apostle John, is revealing God's process to fulfill the Covenant of Jesus Christ, making that book of ( “Revelation” ) a < CORE > book of Christian church doctrine. This book is .. NOT .. a mystical fantasy of debatable mythology. A < CORE > Christian pathology is recorded here, that places extraordinary emphasis upon the church reality of multiple failures, that certainly reflects the contemporary Christian culture, but which ( “Revelation” ), of John the Apostle, outlines the corrective processes of Divine purpose.

A brief tutorial on . . .


a. the overview of “Revelation” is centered upon the [ “SEVEN CANDLESTICK CHURCHES”], .. of their assessed failures & promises

b. the unfolding eschatology of the Covenant in “Revelation” presents a vital picture of recovering 144,000 Old Testament Jews with New Testament Christian believers

c. the New Covenant church of Jesus Christ is matured .. made holy .. as the prepared wife of the sacrificial lamb in chapter 19, through the ( trials ) & ( tribulations ) of the ( Apocalypse )

d. the mysterious woman of chapter 12 is where the New Testament Covenant church breaks free from the Traditional church community, as the particular point when the “Remission of Sins” takes hold and the Devil spirit is defeated

e. the Traditional church society is revealed in chapter 13 as the ( BEAST ) of the Dragon spirit, having - OCCULT - powers, that will persecute the obedient Covenant churchmen, who had left behind the Traditional church of many flaws in chapter 12

f. TWO Prophet - messengers, of .. two KEY message themes .., appear mysteriously in chapter eleven; whereby, the [ “SEVEN CANDLESTICK CHURCHES”] .. mysterious woman .. obtain their victory over the Devil spirit in chapter twelve

Prophets Of Jesus Christ imparts < Gifts > to churchmen who

newly Enter the Holy Ghost “driven” church community

Prophets Of Jesus Christ are the “Kingdom of Heaven tool” to impart God's < Gifts > to Covenant men; therein, many “spiritual” abilities will thrive in the new Covenant church community. The Traditional church society is fully acclimated to a dead church that has [ NO ] “spiritual powers” nor discerning abilities, leaving them vulnerable to ( Antichrist ) subversions, unknowingly. This condition will change abruptly when the “Remission of Sins” breaks churchmen free to experience the Holy Ghost ( Baptism ).

New Covenant believers will have awarenesses and perceptions of an invisible dimension that needs the help of many Kingdom < Gifts >. Prophets Of Jesus Christ will conduct ( “laying on of hands” ) ministry events to transmit such < Gifts >, as the Holy Ghost Spirit decides, for the overall health of the Covenant ( Body of Christ ).

The “power” of the Kingdom of Heaven surges forward to display God's prowess in conquering Devil “spirits”, wherever they appear. The - OCCULT - infiltrators, abiding covertly in the pretending Christian community, will be exposed to their shame and expulsion. A very different church spectacle will manifestly rise up, causing all manner of anguish to the resisting churchmen, who have become adapted to these ( Antichrist ) subversions, and who thought they should remain loyal always to their dead Tradition.

The Occult lifestyle has Infiltrated the church culture

The < FINAL SUPPLEMENTAL > objective, and ministry purpose, of Prophets Of Jesus Christ, is to be the - VOICE - of the Holy Ghost that now points out another church Tradition that aligns common church congregants with the ( Antichrist ) agenda, of dabbling into Occult practices, even routinely exercising ( Faith ) prayers of witchcraft. Professing Christians, worldwide, are programmed and reinforced continually with Occult religion themes that distance such church populations from the Covenant of Jesus Christ, while allying such churchmen with the world's celebrations, cultures, and < CORE > references of Deity worship.

A brief tutorial on . . .


a. the Garden of Eden trial, of Adam and Eve, brought the “Serpent - Devil” into subliminal domination of ( all ) humans, reinforced with the sustainable human access to the ( “Tree of Knowledge of good and evil” )

b. Moses & Aaron battled against the Pharaoh of Egypt for the liberation of Israel; wherein, Pharaoh's sorcerers and magicians performed many miraculous displays to imitate God's showing of Divine power

c. the prophet Daniel, likewise, was mixed up with Babylon's king for accessing Divine privileges from the king, while the seventy years exile of Israel was endured; and therein, Daniel was frequently placed into challenges with Babylon's sorcerers and magicians

d. the New Testament Jesus was “tried in the wilderness” by the Devil, who bantered with Jesus while trying to seduce / tempt Jesus, and gain manipulation of control

e. the New Testament Paul was grieved by a damsel being possessed by a “spirit of divination”; wherein, Paul cast out that “spirit” and stopped that damsel's ability

f. the book of “Revelation” prophesies an END Times prophet / church spokesman that will have the ( “Dragon's” ) power to perform miracles, that will persecute the reforming churchmen of chapter 12

The Old Testament scriptures warn Israel's Covenant men to not become swayed by the world's many gods of worship; whereby, God would bring consequences upon them of massive destruction. However, they did the thing warned against, even to the extreme of sacrificing their newborn children to the fire god Molech. Divine consequences are therein recorded, proving God was worthy of ( FEAR ).

Prophets Of Jesus Christ will bring a witness of such warning to any church community, so affected by an infestation of Occult “spirits” and Covert influence. Further, Prophets Of Jesus Christ exercises priesthood intercessions against such Occult powers, and will provide ( “laying on of hands” ) ministry events to cleanse afflicted churchmen from Occult infiltration or direct targeting.

Michael & Renee