The Prophet's Mandate to the Church .. Part I

        This is a candid review, by; a present – day prophet. The modern church culture has obscured the prophets' ( true ) ministries, and has denied the prophets' peculiar methodologies and mysterious behaviors and signs! Consequently, the present day church body, has no references for understanding this vital / scriptural ministry, or its supernatural function, or its part in defining man's salvation!


        The work of the ( true ) Prophet is defined by a complex array of spiritual endowments / Divine Gifts, which; ( Gift - endowments ), are [ all ] dependent upon a Prophet's preliminary qualification, of a discipleship experience, which incorporates the .. Apostle doctrine .. [ the precepts of God's creation purpose ]! The Prophet's access, to the .. Apostle doctrine .. , is dependent upon a living Apostle – person, who has been endowed, with; the Apostle Gift, and who has been validated, by; the Apostle process of “wilderness journey” discipleship, and by; the Apostle – person's [ heart nature transformation ], that satisfies, perfectly, the Christ character of Divine Life! While the Prophet's Gifts are Divine Gifts / endowments of Jesus Christ, still; the Prophet's ministry authority, and works of spiritual power, require this prerequisite training / learning qualification, of; the Apostle's doctrine – precepts; and therein, [ all ] works of the ( true ) Prophet [ must ] reflect, distinctively, the same [ heart nature transformation ], of the Christ character, as; the doctrine originating Apostle!

        The ( true ) Prophet of God, is: a messenger of Divine Life, .. is; a vessel having the Christ character of that Divine Life, .. is; reflective, always of the .. Apostle doctrine .. and its truth clarity, which produces the spiritual effects of that Divine Life, .. and is; endowed with spiritual powers, which, [ all ] represent the Kingdom of God, as; a spiritual reality in this present life experience! This Web page portrays the foundation premises, which every ( true ) Prophet [ must ] reflect, perfectly and distinctively, as; a mirroring extension of the Apostle ministry, that is; God's [ first foundation ] to man's salvation!

vs (28) And God hath set some in the church, [ first ] apostles, [ secondarily ] prophets, [ thirdly ] teachers, [ after that ] miracles, [ then ] gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

I Corinthians ( 12:28 )

vs (4) And as they .. ( Paul and Silas ) .. went through the cities, they delivered them the decrees for to keep, that were ordained of the apostles and elders which were at Jerusalem. (5) and .. ( so were the churches established in the faith ) .. , and increased in number daily.

Acts ( 16:4-5 )


        The ( true ) church is defined by / qualified by / mandated by its purpose, according to: the [ first ] Divine endowment to the church, which is the Apostle Gift / the Apostle .. doctrine .. of Divine precepts / the Apostle .. revelation .. of Divine clarity of .. the Word of God .. ! The ( true ) church [ cannot ] exist without this [ first ] Divine appointment of grace, the Apostle Gift / the Apostle .. doctrine .. of Divine precepts / the Apostle .. revelation .. of Divine clarity of .. the Word of God .., as; the exclusive purveyor of the profoundly living .. “God presence” .. , [ within ] the church construct of order!

        The Prophet's Gift is a supplemental Gift / Power, of: ( “Divine Life” .. expression ), of; ( “supernatural fellowship” .. with a .. “Spirit - God” .. ), who is Jesus Christ .. the Holy Ghost .. God ( the Father of all creation )! That supplemental Prophet's Gift is entirely dependent upon the ( “living person of God” ), which, ( “living person of God” ) is transferred, to; the persons of the Prophets' Gifts, by; the preceding Apostle – person, who; guides the ( true ) church, and who; gives the endowment of ( “God's living person” ) to the Divinely .. selected / predestined .. Prophet - persons! And, through those supplemental Prophet Ministers, the Apostle – person gives the endowment of ( “God's living person” ), to; the ( true ) / ( subordinated ) / ( dependent ) church!

        [ All ] of the .. subordinated .. church ministers .. [ evangelists, pastors, teachers ] .. receive their own endowments of ( “God's living person” ), through; the Prophets' guidance / the Prophets' oversight / and the Prophets' endowments of grace; and through; this system of Divine construct, [ the Apostle – person and the Prophet persons ]; this Divine construct transfers and imparts this endowment gift, of ( “God's living person” ), to [ all ] of the .. waiting  / dependent .. church body! This ( “linking together” ) of the Apostle Gift / the Apostle .. doctrine .. of Divine precepts / the Apostle .. revelation .. of Divine clarity of .. the Word of God .. [ with ] that Gift's endowment of ( “God's living person” ) [ to ] the subordinated church ministers .. [ evangelists, pastors, teachers ] .. ; this ( “linking together” ) is a critical ministry, requiring supplemental .. Divine gifts .., of; supernatural fellowship with a “Spirit – God”, which, .. Divine gifts .., are Prophets' Ministries!

vs (10) I have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and used similitudes, by the ministry of the Prophets. .. (13) And by a prophet .. the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet .. was he preserved.

Hosea ( 12:10 .. 13 )

About the Author and the Church Condition

        The way, of the present church world / the present – day church culture / the practiced church traditions; that church way expresses, and exemplifies extraordinarily, the world .. the present world of evil men .. the views and philosophies of the world's sinful men .. the rituals and religious ceremonies and theological perspectives of damned men! The .. “way of God” .. saves the souls of men. And, by the .. “methodologies of God” .., men's perspectives are elevated to a different plateau of reality, a reality which is higher than the present world's men, a reality which is evident in Jesus Christ, and was evident in His apostles, and in His prophets, of the ( “new testament” .. Bible record )!

        It is amazing / alarming / horrifying, to have entered into that ascended reality, which is promised by the ( “new testament” .. Bible record ), and to recognize that that ( “new testament” .. Bible record ) is [ not ] experienced / is [ not ] practiced / is [ not ] explicitly believed in, as God's attainable truth, by the present – day Christian church community, [ all ] of whom will, and do, insist, .. with vehement outrage .., that they, absolutely, follow the letter of the Bible record, as their most endeared practice and rigid discipline, to; the confused expressions of every other church disciple, who might be listening from; other church denominations, and from the perspectives of [ all ] manner of church doctrine contortions and convoluted Christian philosophies, in; a very impressive array of diversity of religious thought, [ all ] of whom are claiming pristine validation, and ( .. Divine - right .. exclusivity .. )! The Christian church culture, today, is a cacophony of Babel [ religious confusion ], wherein; the actual [ "SAVING" ] reality of God's promise, is so diminished, and compromised, and is so confused in its limiting contortions, that the ( “living person of God” ) has very little [ "SAVING" ] affect, within the .. self proclaiming .. church body!

        This is the condition of circumstances which Michael Mitchell inherited, in his extraordinary exodus, from: the world, through; the maddening maze, of; the present - day Christian church culture! The ( “Spirit of the Living God” ) .. “called out” .. Michael Mitchell; and, this profound event of God's Divine intervention, has carried Michael Mitchell through the process of twenty four years of journeying, in Michael's learning the ways of God, in Michael's learning to follow, precisely, the methodologies of God, which, .. ways and methodologies .., are peculiarly alien to the Christian church society, and which, .. ways and methodologies .., are recoiled from, by; the traditional Christian church community! The learned answer, to this malaise of church Babel [ religious confusion ], that learned answer is found, within; God's construct of the church institution, incorporating the Apostle Gift, and the Prophet's Gifts, as; the necessary foundations to the church entity, as; Divinely placed definers, and spiritually endowed validators, to; the ( true ) church purpose / function / heart character / and signs of peculiar evidence!

vs (1) My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee; (2) So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; (3) Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; (4) If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; (5) ( Then ) shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. .. (8) He keepeth .. [ the paths of judgment ] .. , and preserveth the .. [ way of his saints ] .. . (9) ( Then ) shalt thou understand righteousness, and judgment, and equity; yea, every good path.

Proverbs ( 2:1-9 )

Diamond Facet One

The Spiritual Law of: .. "God's Covenant Sovereignty"

        God holds sovereign authority: "over man", and; "over the creation purpose of man", and also; over His ( .. covenant rules .. ) toward man, which, ( .. covenant rules .. ), are unilaterally imposed upon man, and which, ( .. covenant rules .. ), stipulate: "man's accountability", to; uphold God's definition of .. “covenant righteousness" .., toward; the highest integrity of expression, according to; those ( .. covenant rules .. ), and which; ( .. covenant rules .. ), also require "a righteously enforced penalty", for; every covenant rejection by man, or for; the many attempts of covenant avoidance, which men practice, through; men's many varieties of substitution, which; substitutions, men may pursue, [ .. as their preference to God's .. “covenant righteousness" .. ]!

vs (24) Then said Jesus unto his disciples, .. [ If any man will come after me ] .. , let him deny himself, and take up ( his cross ), and follow me. (25) For .. whosoever will “save” his life shall lose it .. : and whosoever will “lose” his life ( for my sake ) shall find it. (26) For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? (27) For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then [ HE SHALL REWARD .. EVERY MAN .. ACCORDING TO HIS WORKS ].

Matthew ( 16:24-27 )

Diamond Facet Two

The Spiritual Law of: .. “God's Righteous Judgments”

        God authored "all" rules of His covenant with man, which, ( .. covenant rules .. ), define His relationship to man, whether or "not" His ( .. covenant rules .. ) are honored by man. In tandem, with God's ( .. covenant rules .. ) with man, God [ also ] decreed His perpetual standard of [ .. "righteous judgments" .. ], which, [ .. "righteous judgments" .. ], must, necessarily, be imposed upon man, as; a continuous penalty which presides in dominance over man, when; man violates, or abandons, God's ( .. covenant rules .. ), and when; man, deliberately or negligently, removes himself out of God's mercy and benevolent grace, which; mercy and grace, automatically, accompanies God's ( .. covenant rules .. righteousness .. ). Man [ cannot ] redefine these principles of God's ( .. covenant rules .. )!

vs (4) So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God .. for your patience and faith .. in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure: (5) Which is a manifest token of the .. ( righteous judgment ).. of God, that ye may be counted worthy .. of the kingdom of God .. , for which ye also suffer: (6) Seeing ( it is a righteous thing with God ) to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you; (7) And .. to you who are troubled .. rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven .. with his mighty angels .., (8) .. In flaming fire .. taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: (9) Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction .. [ FROM THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD, AND FROM THE GLORY OF HIS POWER ] .. ;

2 Thessalonians ( 1:4-9 )

Diamond Facet Three

The Spiritual Law of: .. “Man's Accountability”

        God has structured these principles, of ( .. covenant regulation .. ), to apply unto man; and, man's task is to learn God's ( .. covenant rules .. ), and accept accountability, upon himself, to soberly adhere to these rules! God has so designed, and prepared, His created man, that man, even natural man, has the capacity, to: comprehend God, and to; learn of God's ( .. covenant rules .. ). Man has this capacity to learn, and to perceive in correctness, [ "Godly truth" ] as God so defines His ( .. covenant rules .. ). Man has that innate, .. natural man .., capability, even [ before ] man can enter into ( .. covenant rules .. righteousness .. ) with God!

        Man [ can ] come to a posture of comprehending [ .. God's covenant truth .. ], and [ .. God's implicit will .. ], for; himself, and for; the construction of his life - plan. And, with this capability to discern .. [ God's will ] .., man, then, has another capability of creation design, which is a "capability to choose". That exercising of the .. [ will ] .., in choosing a life – plan construction, [ .. "either toward God's will or away from God's will" .. ], the .. [ will of man ] .. is a factor in fulfilling, or violating, man's ( .. covenant rules .. righteousness .. ) with God. Man [ can ] exercise .. [ his own will ] .., daily, hourly, minute by minute, with continuous reinforcement of .. [ self will dedicating ] .., either toward an attitude fixation of obedience to God, or contrarily, to disconnect, from God's life - plan construction, and wisdom of .. [ Divine will ] .., as; a total posture of denial toward God.

        This latter man has the peculiar experience of regulating his own .. [ will ] .. toward a dedication and deception, of: ( .. self plan .. ) design, by; indulging in his assertive deliberation of the .. [ will ] .. , toward ( .. personal goal / self serving .. ) fulfillment! And, within that sin practicing of ( .. self rule .. ), that man can, and commonly does, accentuate this grievance against God, by [ also ]: teaching / shepherding / overseeing, “others”, to help “others” learn how to practice ( .. self plan .. ) design, in the practice of that ( .. self rule .. ) sin. That transgression, against God, further, is accentuated by the public spectacle of man's common suffrage, which God imposes as a judgment upon such men, by; the tormenting struggles which men experience, relentlessly, through perpetual challenges from other sinful men, in their own designs toward having ( ruling authority ), exhibiting; family strife's, and exhibiting; societal strife's, and exhibiting; racial strife's, and exhibiting; political strife's, and exhibiting; cursing wars with other nations!

        This strife, which men perpetrate and reinvigorate upon themselves, by their refuting the simple reality of God's inescapable sovereignty; this Divine judgment of men's strife is revisited and even amplified, over and over, as: an infinity loop of Divinely enforced reciprocation, that gradually erodes men's  bestowed grace of mercy and light of their Divine glory; this strife continues unabated because of men's attempts at total independence from God. This delusion of [ .. self life engineering .. ], held to by .. ALL .. common men, is further and further exacerbated through men's reverting to witchcraft practices, to find more power; and, they have .. INDEED .. learned how to manipulate .. and engineer .. angel coverings within other .. subordinated .. men, discovering how to rule over other men, through mysterious priesthood mechanisms that interface with God's realm of Heaven!

vs (3) ... yea, they have chosen their own ways and their soul delighted in their abominations. (4) I also will choose ( their delusions ), and will bring ( their fears ) upon them: because .. when I called .. , none did answer; .. when I spake .. , they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not. (5) Hear the word of the Lord, [ ye ] that tremble at His word; .. [ Your brethren that hated you ] .. , .. [ THAT CAST YOU OUT .. FOR MY NAME SAKE .. ( from their presumed self righteousness ) ] .. , ( they ) said, let the Lord be glorified ( what?, those self righteous ones said what? ): but He ( the Lord, instead ) shall appear to ( your joy ), and .. ( they shall be ashamed ) .. .

Isaiah ( 66:3-5 )

Diamond Facet Four

The Spiritual Law of: .. "Man's Creation Capability"

Satanic beings, ( spiritual demons ) are enabling ~ angel coverings which God supplies to man, in order to permit "evil – heart - natured man" to express: mental thoughts of evil, and also for; man to commit those evil works, and for; man to progressively work his intended evil, in the assimilation of evil kingdoms. These Satanic beings, ( spiritual demons ), of all classes of "Antichrist" ( .. life plan .. ) designs and enforcement's; these invisible beings inhabit the hearts of men, having become the breath of expressive life which comes from; heaven, by; God's permission, and according to; the utility of Divine purpose. These Satanic beings obtain instantaneous rule over men's lives, structured by:

(1) an orderly plan, of God's design, which incorporates a hierarchical regulation of society, with clear designations of classes of authority, within each society, which, classes of authority, are established in discernible ranks, and designated levels, of elevated supremacy, and which, discernible ranks, are established, also, according to designated levels of particular subordination!

Such subordinated designations represent a judgment character, of God's sovereign righteousness, when those men, singly, or collectively, refuse God's will, or deny God's life - plan design, and whereby, such men have disconnected themselves, from: God's .. "covenant righteousness" .., and from; God's "benevolent grace", which, "benevolent grace", occurs, automatically, with man's agreement with God's [ .. "covenant righteousness" .. ]!

Such men have disconnected themselves, from; God's .. [ sovereign rule ] .., which, .. [ sovereign rule ] .., enables, perfectly, God's benevolent grace; therefore, these Satanic beings are Divinely appointed to obtain instantaneous rule over men's lives, in all matters, of:

(2) God's creation design for man, which includes, automatically, the rule over "blessing characteristics", of: physical wellness, and; mental clarity and balance, and; relationship acceptance and success, and; financial - material supply access and opportunities, and; talent – soul - gift discovery, wherein; such "blessing characteristics" become modified .. diminished .. removed entirely or subordinated beneath .. the dominating control of other, evil biased, men!

This occurs by the transferring, of: an evil angel covering, to; supplant, entirely, the previous Holy angel covering! Men; who choose ( .. self plan .. ) designs, as a dedicated practicing of .. [ will enforcement ] .. of those designs, in; their intentions of personal goal fulfillment; such men, who choose to practice control over the ( .. life plans .. ) of others;

those such men separate their lives, and others' lives as well, from: God's ( .. life plan .. ) purpose, of God's sovereign rule, and from; benevolent Holy Angels, sent by God, who enable men in a virtuous nature, and;

those men separate their lives, and others' lives as well, from; God's wisdom, and sentient soul gifts, which capabilities are correlated, specifically, to His preferences for each man's ( .. life plan .. ), and thereby; such evil intentioned men execute, upon themselves, a "covenant - judgment of God"!

        God justly decrees a "counter balance" of righteous weights, which engages, for such men, a judgment penalty, of [ .. judgment - enabling angel coverings .. ], as a life - plan experience, of: "perpetuated scales balancing" afflictions .. “set backs” to their own life-plan strategies; ..“added burdens” of unpredictable difficulty .. unexpected responsibility and accountability .. “loss” of valued relationships .. and mysteriously enforced “conflict” with other men, men who are likewise .. [ self willed ] .. in their deception of obtaining ( .. self rule .. ), ( .. self rule .. ) which is, in reality, lorded over by the dominance of unseen beings, ghosts who are Satanic natured, spiritual demons.

        This ( .. self rule .. ) deception keeps these men on an infinity loop - tread mill of Godly justice; whereby, these men are constantly battered, by; unseen, ghost - like, forces, and are pursued, without mercy, by; mysterious circumstances which steal away progress, and which, mysterious circumstances, cause men to afflict one another in a perpetuated judgment; whereby, such ( .. self ruled .. ) men carry out "God's indirect will", of perfect "scales balancing", which, enforced perpetuity of strife's and afflictions, manifestly reveal man's wretched state; all because, man prefers to dwell outside of a true ( .. covenant rules .. righteousness .. ) with God!

        Men being pursued, relentlessly, by overcoming motivations, of: emotional frustration and anguish, and; uncontrollable and spontaneous outbursts of anger and rage, and; unusual personality behaviors, and; having new, unexplainable addictions and compulsory needs; which, morass of motivations, are elusive in their origin, and which, motivations, remain a mysterious force of torment; such a cursed condition, of men perpetually afflicting one another, is God's true "counter balance", to: man's poor decision making, and lack of disciplined pursuit, toward; a true ( .. covenant rules .. righteousness .. ) with God!

        Men; being continuously overtaken, by: sickness, accidents, all forms of sorrow, and; men afflicting other men, in: anger, retaliation, greed and envy, and struggling perpetually for societal power, and; men battling, continuously, in competitive disputes; this "is" the outward manifestation, of men's neglecting, and purposely resisting, true ( .. covenant rules .. righteousness .. ) with God! This "cursed state" is under the disguised rule, of: unseen, Satanic, ghost - like beings, spiritual demons; who expressly reveal man's true state, of a "wretched heart nature"!

vs (18) For the wrath of God is revealed ( from heaven ) against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; (19) Because that which may be known ( of God ) .. is manifest in them .. ; for God hath shewed it unto them. (20) For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, .. [ EVEN HIS ETERNAL POWER AND GODHEAD ] .. ; so that they are without excuse: (21) Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. (22) Professing themselves ( to be wise ), they became fools, (23) And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image ( made like ) to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

Romans ( 1:18-23 )

Diamond Facet Five

The Spiritual Law of: .. "Angel Coverings as a Balancer of God's Scales"

        God so provided man with a supernatural creation design which requires "all" men to have angel coverings, holy or evil, angel coverings which expressly reveal, within the spiritual dynamic of heaven, and; within the physical realm observations of nature, and also; within soul – of - man behaviors, perceptions, and torments; whatever the heart nature condition – of - man seeks to experience! This continuous affliction, of men, through: the disguised bondage of men, to: unseen ghosts, spiritual demons; this continuous affliction carries out God's will, of judgment, upon such men; because of: their refusal to obey God, and because of; their self appointed disconnection from God's ( .. covenant rules .. righteousness .. ).

        God decrees that men, who are: self appointed rulers of their own ( .. life plans .. ), and who are; [ also ] despotic enforcers of their own rule, upon the ( .. life plans .. ) of “others”; such men should, therefore, abide by the justice of "eternal spiritual laws", which regulate [ all ] of God's spiritual kingdom. These laws are so pre-designed, and ordained, by God, to define and regulate the "balancing of perpetual scales of justice", so that; violations, of these "universal spiritual laws", cause an automatic shifting of weights, upon such scales, which, shifting, therefore, brings a corresponding change of circumstantial experiences, of "scales balancing" rearrangement, according to; the spiritual laws so violated.

        "The spiritual law of balance" precisely equates "all" violations of God's ( .. covenant rules .. ) ( sins ), with penalty enforcement! And, those violations are balanced out, automatically, universally, and perpetually, with exact justice of impartiality. This system regulates man spirituality, as well as man's natural realm environment; and, this system adjusts and flexes, in weights and measures shifting, according to the conscious imaginations of the soul, whether such imaginations, of: thought – picture – emotion - faith, experiences; are deliberated upon and intentionally practiced, or whether such imaginations are uncontrollably imposed, upon such men, according to "spiritual law" channeling, through; soul – ties – agreements, or through; family inheritances.

        Men, who obey God and adhere to God's ( .. covenant rules .. ); which, ( .. covenant rules .. ), regulate men's relationship with God, as a benevolent and gracious relationship; those men find a life experience, which is: dominated by; .. God's holy angels .., and which, life experience, is; filled with spiritual awareness, and sensitive interaction with God; those men enter, automatically, into supernatural ( empowerment ), by which those men are enabled to contend with contrary men, and Antichrist angels! They are supplied, an: enabling capability of Godly virtue, as: a heart of man expression; and, they are introduced into; the ..Godly experience of vine life ministry purpose .. , whereby; fellowship with other .. like minded .. men can be enjoined.

        These men are also supplied with wisdom, which, experience of Godly wisdom, comes from God's intimate presence; with such extraordinary composition of enabling experience, .. disciplined constraint .. and heart nature rewards of .. peaceful tolerance .. are enjoined to such men, which, heart nature virtues and experiences of grace, are obtained by practicing correct perspectives of doctrine. Those men become instruments, of Godly wisdom, in a land of men whose lives are distorted, and confused, by; evil heart natures, .. and by; angel coverings of Satanic deception; because of, those "other men's" exercising of .. [ self will ] .. to choose a ( .. life plan .. ) which is removed from God's wisdom, purpose, spiritual dynamics of expression, and virtue, by; such men's decree of .. [ self will worship ] .. !

        Those such men are separated from God, experiencing, daily, a life which is disconnected from God's ( .. covenant rules .. righteousness .. ). These "other men", even a society of multitudes of such men, have "no" wisdom of Godly perspective; and so, their daily and continuing experiences, their cultural development, their laws and practices of social order, are void of Godly blessedness. Those "other men" are afflicting themselves with limitations and restrictions, from: Godly blessedness, and from; a Divine grace of Holy Spirit council, and from; a personally intimate fellowship with God's Christ Jesus. These "other men" are raging beasts, within their unchanged heart natures; and, they are blinded to the possibility of spiritual life holiness; because of, the dominance of ( .. demon - angel coverings .. ), which, ( .. angel coverings .. ), are a manifestation of “justified spiritual laws”.

        Such "other men" are completely void of God's planned reality for men, which is [ .. holiness in spirit realm interaction .. ]. They are deceived by the dominating presence, of: unseen ghosts, spiritual demons, Satanic beings; and, they do "not" understand that their own judgment, is: ( .. self rule .. imposed .. ), and is; father's sins ( .. balancing – of - scales .. inherited .. ), for; they do [ not ] understand, that; their natural lives are afflicted and that; their misery is precisely justified by "spiritual laws of perfect balance", which; justice, by spiritual law consistency, God has sovereignly decreed. Such men do [ not ] understand that those judgments, are: perfectly arranged, and are; perfectly to be carried through to eternal fulfillment! These "other men", of spiritual blindness, are [ not ] considering, that: they are living under penalties of judgment; and that; their daily afflictions exactly correlate to "spiritual laws in a perfect balance", of God's eternal judgment; because of, their own violations, and because of; the inheritance of ( .. balancing – scales - justice .. ) which, justice, is passed on to them by their fathers' violations of ( .. God's covenant laws .. ).

        These men, through the perpetuation of spiritual law ignorance, readily violate those same "laws of God's covenant righteousness"; and thereby, these men set into motion additional penalties, of additional impositions of Godly judgments, which judgments are expressed by reinforced ( .. angel coverings .. evil .. ), within such men, and, which, reinforced ( .. angel coverings .. evil .. ), adds even more spiritual blindness to their already mind darkened state, which; amplified evil, and spiritual blindness, is God decreed. This amplified state is even further enforced, through the perpetuating of balanced justice, of: additional, future, unseen ghosts, future spiritual demons. These "other men" afflict themselves over and over, perpetually putting themselves, into: deeper judgments, and; harsher penalties. Their lot, of: "spiritual law equity", and their lot, of; fathers' just penalties being passed along to that newer generation, as an imposed inheritance.

        Their lot is "death", worldly destruction, fleshy disease, distorted lifestyle orientations, which, lifestyle distortions, produce unprofitable battles, strifes, wars with other men, which lot, of; justified equities and inheritance, clearly expresses a spiritual banishment, from; God's mercy, all because of their own perpetuation, of; particular “spiritual law violations”, which are now to revealed as a spiritual practice, of "incorrect bread eating" .. [ daily communion, eating meals within a lifestyle practice of deliberate sin ] .. , which, "incorrect bread eating", repeats, and reinforces, over and over, the heart – nature – process – of - seed receiving, of "spiritual law errors" [ .. sin - doctrine practices of faith .. ], which; heart - nature seed receiving and nurturing, bears its future, inner nature, harvest, of evil fruit – behaviors – compulsions – addictions – fears – and - works, which; fruit harvest, of an evil heart nature, is the harvest which produces an automatic "balancing – of - scales penalty", which is, in the end, the predictable consequence, of God's decree of eternal damnation!

        These men afflict themselves, [ not ] knowing the sovereignty of God, and [ not ] understanding spiritual law principles, of "correct bread eating" [ .. daily communion, eating meals with a lifestyle of righteous fellowship with God's holy seed development .. ], and, these men afflict themselves, [ not ] knowing the blessed salvation which God has offered through "correct bread eating". "God rules", in life ( zoe ) eternal, or in death, of eternal separation from mercy. "God simply rules"!

vs (3) For I say, Through the grace .. given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, .. according as God hath dealt to every man ( the measure ) of faith .. . (4) For as we have many members ( in one body ), and all members have not the same office: (5) So we, being many members ( in one body in Christ ), and every member one of another. (6) Having then gifts differing .. according to the grace .. that is given to us, .. whether prophecy .. , let us prophesy .. according to ( the proportion ) of faith; (7) Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching; (8) Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness. (9) Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.

Romans ( 12:3-9 )

Diamond Facet Six

The Spiritual Law of: .. "Bread Eating Exchange of Natures"

        God's sovereignty stipulates one precise manner of entrance into God's [ ..covenant righteousness .. ]. That [ .. covenant righteousness .. entrance .. ] is a profound exchange, an exchange, of: receiving "Godliness" for the man's .. ungodliness .., which, “Godliness”, is a bestowed heart nature, which, Divine heart nature, can [ only ] be obtained through God's precise methodology, of: "correct bread eating" [ .. which is a daily communion, of eating meals while simultaneously upholding a mental discipline to remember God's ways .. ], and by; surrendering up, for removal, [ all ] previous and presently existing, heart nature characteristics, of .. ungodliness .., again; while properly engaging in “correct bread eating”.

        This exchange process [ “Godliness” for .. ungodliness .. ] is entered with the deliberate intent of change, permanent change, an irreversible change in the soul's condition, never again to be reversed back to the original soul condition, which was and is, a soul condition of bondage; and, which, soul bondage, is to be renounced, openly, as the inner heart bondage of .. ungodliness .. ! Once the soul nature characteristics, and the spirit man practices, of .. ungodliness .., are surrendered up for removal, that removal is once, and for all eternity, obtained, "through the exchange process", of [ .. correct bread eating .. ], which, process, gradually supplies "Godliness". "Godliness" is, hereby, defined!

Jesus Christ represents ( .. “Godliness” .. ), in all dynamics, of:

(1) ( God's character within a man's flesh tabernacle ), which character becomes manifest within man through the Divine liberation, of;

(2) Holy Ghost presence, bringing ( “spiritual candle light” ), of alarming supernatural empowerment. This ( “spiritual candle light” ), within a man's flesh tabernacle, is a ( “Divinely empowered candle light” ) which is accompanied, with; an imposed

(3) Holy Ghost ( force of Divine enabling ), of ( God's own character of virtues ), and which supreme level of .. ( Holy Ghost .. “light of Divine enabling” ) .. has the purpose, responsibility, and the completely full expression, of;

(4) the ( priesthood .. “vine life” .. ministry ), which, ( priesthood .. “vine life” .. work function ), ministers, unto God's service, according to a never ending supply, of;

(5) ( Jesus' own character virtue ), of priesthood man's ( proper .. “faith - working” ) in ( Divine holiness ), which, ( proper priesthood .. “faith - working” ), bears, exactly, the heart nature fruit, of;

(6) ( God's authority within man ), of priestly ordination - endowment, which, ( creation .. authority of God .. within man ), is precisely expressive, of;

( 7) the ( perfect .. Christ nature .. ), of ( “Divinely arranged order” ) and ( “Divinely balanced justice” ), and ( “Divinely orchestrated God - serving” ), and which, ( perfect .. Christ nature .. ), manifests;

(8) ( “spiritual gifts” ) which, ( “spiritual gifts” ), articulate [ only ];

(9) ( God's perspectives of doctrine ), which, [ exclusive .. doctrine of holiness .. ], defines, and reveals perfectly,

(10) ( .. “God's covenant laws” .. ).

SUMMATION: Godliness is defined, as: (1) God's own character as “the” starting point of reference / (2) Holy Ghost “spiritual candle light” brings God's character within man's heart / (3) Divine enabling of man comes by the force of that candle lighted heart / (4) priesthood “vine life” ministry works emit from within that candle lighted heart / (5) man's proper faith working is guided and directed from within that candle lighted heart / (6) God's own authority is released, by man's faith, from within man's candle lighted heart / (7) the Christ nature growing, by man's faith, from within man's candle lighted heart / (8) spiritual gifts automatically work, in the Christ nature, from within man's candle lighted heart / (9) God's exclusive doctrine is the anchor which qualifies the whole process, which, doctrine, grows from within man's candle lighted heart / (10) God's covenant laws are engraved, spiritually, as a programmed conscience, within the candle lighted heart of man, from the growing doctrine. Godliness: ( GOD'S CHARACTER ), ( SPIRITUAL LIGHT ), ( DIVINE ENABLING ), ( PRIESTHOOD MINISTRY ), ( FAITH WORKING ), ( GOD'S AUTHORITY ), ( CHRIST NATURE ), ( SPIRITUAL GIFTS ), ( DOCTRINE ), ( COVENANT LAWS ), is the matrix of God's plan, for; the removal of man's .. ungodliness .., in; the exchange process!

        Jesus is the exact image of God, when God is embodied in the flesh body of man. That image of God, God upon man, God within man, God's holy angels perpetually motivating man's soul - direction and soul - purpose, God's angels ( “perfectly” ) directing man's life [ bios, psuche, zoe ] in all capacities of man's created design, that man, Jesus, is man's example, man's exact prototype to follow. And, that man, Jesus, in His "Christ" nature, is even given unto man by "the method of precise exchange", so "Godliness", of this "perfect" Jesus, is given to man, privately, when that exchange is made, to take the "ungodliness" nature from the heart of man.

        That exchange is made as a complete exchange, of "Godliness" for "ungodliness", when: this Jesus is accepted, as; "the One Who God sent", to; show to man, God's way, to; be the literal example for man to follow! And, that exchange is made, for: Jesus, as the sent living "Christ" nature of God, to; enter into men's hearts, in; the form of man's own "faith seed", with; the [ .. "faith of man" .. ] being directed, constrained, molded into a "living tree of candlestick light", by; the patterned doctrine of God's "Christ", and that exchange is made, for; the [ .. "faith of covenant – enjoined - man" .. ] to bring the eternal - fruit of spiritual works, of: a "Godliness" nature of "perfect" Jesus, from; the heart grown “tree of candlestick light”, which, tree, .. of God's light .., abides within the inner heart of man, the spirit place of God's sanctification, by; the process of blood sacrifice and blood transference of "perfect" Jesus.

        "This sending of Jesus, by God, is for the purpose of the exchange!" God sends a "Godliness" nature to man in the fullness of the "perfect" Jesus. And, God expects a correlating ( "perfect" ) ( .. spiritual law balance .. ), of the .. ungodliness .. nature, to be surrendered up, out of that man's heart, for; ( "perfect" ) ( .. spiritual law balance .. ), of .. ungodliness .. removal. God does [ not ] intend for the nature of "perfect" Jesus, in Godly fullness, to abide within the inner man, soul - spirit, of a covenant man, who still holds onto, and daily continues in, .. ungodliness .., as: an advocacy, and as; a desire of .. [ self willed ] .. purpose! The two types of man's nature are [ not ] compatible.

        "The .. ungodliness .. nature must be deliberately, and desirously, surrendered up to God", for: God to remove that .. ungodliness .. from the man's heart, as; “a choice of the man's deliberation of will", and as; a sober resolve, of the man, to obtain permanent transformation, in response to God's offer unto salvation. The .. ungodliness .. nature [ must ] be, deliberately, surrendered up to God, in discipleship sacrifice", according to; the manner / the methodology of God, in which God honors the man with His covenant empowerment, by: His Divine process of sending “Jesus”, as; the ( High Priest ) authority, .. who presides, even now, over that process .., of detailed spiritual help, which, process of covenant help, comes from the spiritual works of "other men" [ THE TRUE / SPIRITUALLY FUNCTIONAL CHURCH ], who are fulfilling priesthood sacrifices and ministry works, of intercession; and which, process of covenant help, from; "other men", is that help which enables the fullness of that covenant consummation!

        This covenant help is provided, by: "Jesus, as the High Priest - authority", through; the serving .. interceding .. holy faith – working .. priesthood, of these "other men" [ THE TRUE / SPIRITUALLY FUNCTIONAL CHURCH ], for; the new disciples to be enabled to endure the exchange process. “Jesus is the sent One”, the instrument of God's choosing, the one man, the God - sent man, the man of covenant fullness, "who obeyed God unto His own death", in; righteous exchange, of; His own "Godliness", for; the .. ungodliness .. in other men. This one man, Jesus, is ( .. the only way .. ), for; that covenant exchange to be enforced by God; and, that event [ cannot ] occur, until; God, in His ( .. covenant rules .. and sovereignty .. ), is recognized and honored by men, and until; those men choose to surrender up the .. ungodliness .. of their own natures, for; God to remove that .. ungodliness .. out of their own hearts.

vs (4) There is ( one body ), and ( one Spirit ), even as ye are called in ( one hope of your calling ); (5) ( One Lord ), ( one faith ), ( one baptism ), (6) ( One God and Father of all ), who is above all, and through all, and in you all ... (11) And he gave some ( the gift of “oneness” as ) apostles; and some, ( the gift of “oneness” as ) prophets; and some, ( the gift of “oneness” as ) evangelists; and some, ( the gift of “oneness” as ) pastors and teachers; (12) For “the perfecting of the saints”, for “the work of the ministry”, for “the edifying of the body of Christ”: (13) Till we all come in the unity ( of oneness ) of the faith, and of ( the unity of oneness of ) the knowledge of the Son of God, .. [ UNTO A PERFECT MAN ] .., unto .. the measure of the stature .. of the fullness .. of Christ:

Ephesians ( 4:4-13 )

Diamond Facet Seven

The Spiritual Law of: .. “Repentance for ungodliness”

        "Repentance, for having a heart nature and lifestyle of .. ungodliness .., is a requirement"! Repentance means to forever walk away, from: a lifestyle, and ( .. life plan .. ), of an .. ungodliness .. doctrine, and from ungodly faith works, and from; a preferential advocacy toward [ .. self rule .. ]. Repentance is a "choosing", to leave: death, in its eternal separation from God, and to leave; the deception of [ .. self rule .. ], which, [ .. self rule .. ], always brought, and will bring, spiritual dominance of unseen demons, and which, [ .. self rule .. ], always initiates God's perfect judgment, upon; all such men, of: anguish, torment .. affliction .. and absence of soul peace or rest .. even unto permanent, and eternal, anguish and torment, unto; final damnation.

        "The exchange, of an .. unholy nature .. for a .. Christ nature .., is an exchange which becomes complete, when man, daily and persistently, year by year, chooses wisely, to; obey God's ( .. covenant rules .. and sovereignty .. ), and to; repent deeply, soberly, and persistently, because of; the heart nature motivations which rise up, daily, unto rebellion against God's ( .. covenant rules .. and sovereignty .. )"! The first, and preeminent, rule is: "Jesus Christ, God's standard for [ all ] men to follow", the man who God appoints, to be: [ "man's exchange Savior" ], and [ "the High Priest" ], over; spiritual transformation, through; the progressive, daily, course, of .. gradually obtaining .. the prescribed fullness of Jesus' "perfect" sacrifice, unto: the ( covenant man's death ), toward; his own .. ungodliness .., and unto; the redeeming life of Jesus Christ, through; obtaining a heart character of "Godliness"!

        That exchange, of a "Godliness" nature for an "ungodliness" nature, that exchange comes under "the sovereignly appointed rule of Jesus". Jesus is the exclusive God - man who, ( "perfectly" ), carried out God's purpose of "Divine birth”, “Divine life in a flesh man body", and a ( "perfect" ) "Divine death”, as; a sacrifice of ( “perfect” ) righteousness, to make the ( "perfect" ) exchange of .. righteousness for unrighteousness .., to be engaged for [ all ] covenant men! Jesus is [ also ] the eternally living "dead man", who presides over the exchange process, as; "Lord and Savior", and as; "High Priest" over the priesthood, of; “other men .. living priests”.

        This exchange is "God's chosen way", for: all predestined men to enter into God's covenant of eternal life, a covenant which requires such men to obtain the indwelling "Christ nature", with its companion experiences, of: mercy .. blessedness .. grace of “candle light” wisdom .. and supernatural endowment gifts of the spirit .. and the fortified strength of a Godly character .. and "power" [ .. dunamis, miracle force, the imputed ability to bear Godly intended fruit of angel manifestations, through the intricate process of holy faith working .. ]; all of which are manifestations of ( .. God's life .. zoe .. )!

        "This exchange process, through Jesus, is .. God's first rule .. of covenant enforcement"! Without: this precise .. exchange ..; through Jesus' ( the Christ's ) sovereign rule as man's "Lord" [ .. the definer of spiritual truth laws and the implicit life-plan pattern, which God has sovereignly engineered for each man's soul! .. ], and without; Jesus' ( the Christ's ) .. sacrifice .. as [ "Savior" ] [ .. as the flesh embodiment of God's holy truth, "Godliness nature”, and Divine blood conduit for receiving man's .. ungodly .. faith works ( sin ), as the holy tabernacle for the .. “Tree of Life” .. to give authority to a precise exchange of heart natures, with; evil, untransformed, men .. ], and without; Jesus' ( the Christ's ) presiding as "High Priest of supreme authority" [ .. as the living prophet overseer of highest privilege, with Divine grace of “blood entrance .. access”, through; the angel – gates, unto; men's heart nature penetration .. ], over; the exchange of heart natures; without, such characteristics of .. active grace .., there [ cannot ] be entrance, into; God's covenant.

        "It is the very first rule of God's covenant" which must be recognized by man, honored by man, accepted as truth by those men of Godly covenant. It is the [ "only way" ] to covenant entrance!

vs (21) If so be .. that ye have heard .. him, and .. have been taught .. by him, as ( the truth is in Jesus ): (22) that ye put off .. ( concerning the former conversation .. discussion .. ) .. the old man, .. which is corrupt .. according to the deceitful lusts; (23) And be renewed ( in the spirit ) of your mind; (24) And that ye put on the new man, which .. [ after God ] .. is created in righteousness and true holiness ... Acts 3: (19) Repent ye therefore, and be converted, .. [ THAT YOUR SINS MAY BE BLOTTED OUT ] .. , .. when the times of refreshing ( the “following events” of spiritual manifestation ) .. shall come .. from the presence of the Lord .. ;

Ephesians ( 4:21-24 ... Acts3:19 )

Diamond Facet Eight

The Spiritual Law of: .. "Just Weights in Balanced Scales"

        God imposes, unilaterally, His laws of spiritual regulation. God, sovereignly, judges the compliance, of His men, with His “spiritual laws””, and the breaking of His “spiritual laws”. God predetermines what remedy of judgment would be exacted for each violation of His “spiritual laws”, and how such violations, and remedies of judgment, should be measured to exact equation.

        This profound system, of eternal consequences, is God's sovereign jurisdiction, to: balance, to; rule over in judgment, and to; maintain! It is God's will, that: man should [ .. LEARN .. ] God's “spiritual laws”, of: uniform order, and of; jurisdiction boundary constraint; and, it is God's will, that; man should [ .. ABIDE .. ] within these jurisdiction boundaries, of; “eternal spiritual laws”, and that; [ all ] of God's “spiritual laws" should be willfully accepted, and upheld eternally, and that; man should reveal the truth, of; these “eternal spiritual laws” jurisdiction boundaries, to; other men, therein; fulfilling the role of  the church mandate.

        "This principle, of spiritual law regulation of man, is a truth of eternal uniformity"! When a man comes to the place of identifying with God, and with God's “spiritual law” regulation, such a man also has, simultaneously, arrived at a mental acuity of rejecting God's enemy, the proclaimer of .. “false spiritual laws” .., the proclaimer of such “spiritual laws” which are derived from an Antichrist author, which; [ .. "spiritual laws which try to cause man to regulate / rule over / control God" .. ]! ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. ) is God's enemy! The enemy of God, ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. ), has the characterization of purposely violating God's “spiritual laws”, which “spiritual law” .. violations .. have eternal soul damaging consequences.

        This posturing of ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. ), when successfully leavened within the human heart, programs the attitudes and motivations, of; that human heart, into; "value systems" / "faith disciplines" / and "soul practiced behaviors", which bring the result, of; violating God's “spiritual laws”, and causing its corresponding soul damage, of eternal damnation consequences. This extraordinarily programs such "civilized men" into practicing "self destruction", as a deliberate engineering, of: ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. ). Man, “civilized man”, becomes "self destructive", by merely teaching, that “civilized man”, the principles of ( .. Babylonian church beliefs .. ), and by reinforcing, within; that man's mind, that; those ( .. Babylonian church beliefs .. ) are ( eternal truths ), are principles of God, are sovereignly correct, and are unalterable, to the penalty, of; eternal soul damnation, if such ( .. Babylonian church beliefs .. ) are violated.

        The consequence, of such “value systems” reinforcement, is to secure the man's trained heart, to keeping [ always ] the ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. ). This keeping of the ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. ) is the .. opposite .. of keeping God's “chief spiritual law”, the commandment of Jesus; which commandment, is the rule of: "having God's Divine nature, with its primary character of love ( agape ), .. faith seed .. planted, .. faith tree .. grown and matured, .. faith fruit .. born and liberated, completely, within; the man's heart,” by; God's process of gradual nature transformation, and then by; having this Divine nature expressed outwardly, in; Christ nature fruit bearing of spiritual manifestations, in; holy angel works ( ministry to others ), as; a nature fruit of Christ, through; ( all of your heart ) .. ( all of your soul ) .. ( all of your mind ) .. and ( with the accommodating fullness of your strength ).

        This first commandment, plus the second commandment, which is to "have God's Divine nature, with its primary character of love ( agape ), being “Christ nature” ( fruit grown ), and ( birthed ), and spiritual manifestation expressed ( in ministry work toward others ), completely, toward your neighbor, [ someone who is experiencing a parallel discipline of .. like minded fellowship .., with; the “Christ's nature”, as; an adjoining minister in God's holy service ]; such a second commandment, being; a companion fruit and a [ .. subordinated .. ] ministry work, and being; a Christ nature responsibility, and being; the precise and necessary characteristic associated with a kingdom - of - God bishopric of holy service, and thereby; holding to this .. ( ministry obligation .. toward others ) .., with the same context of “spiritual law” regulation, as; the transforming of yourself.

        In these two commandments of Jesus, hang [ all ] of the ( law ) [ .. the law is a practiced thought discipline of God's doctrine, for man's proper faith works - obedience .. ], and the ( prophets ) [ .. the prophets are the supernatural conduit - bridge of spiritual life .. zoe .., which, Divine life .. zoe .., of the true church, is liberated between God and man, .. as the [ only ] channel for holy angel coverings, of Godly grace, to connect to covenant man .. ].

        These two commandments of Jesus compel a disciple to be (1) ( God's nature ) grown and reflective, and (2) to be ( spiritual manifestation ) expressive ( prophet gift functional ), always, in every matter, in every circumstance, in every stewardship responsibility, in every bestowed authority. Being (1) ( God's nature ) grown and reflective, and (2) ( spiritual manifestation ) expressive ( prophet gift functional ), is .. the .. key objective, and is [ also ] God's appointed methodology, to; the true entering in, to; God's ( .. covenant rule .. ).

        This .. key .. learning becomes the focal point of qualification, for; [ all ] "other" subordinated teachings, of; .. “other spiritual laws”.. . Without this one, single, .. key .. understanding, of Divine methodology, being in; correct focus, and being of; highest priority, then; [ all ] other teachings, which are practiced wrongly as .. “higher spiritual laws” .., or which are held - to wrongly, as being precepts, of; ( prerequisite mastery ) / ( preeminent rules ), those [ .. other teachings .. ] are disciplines which are in violation of this .. predominant truth .. of “spiritual laws”, which, truth practicing, or truth avoidance, has the .. single most impact .. upon eternal, soul condition, consequences!

        The soul damaging consequences, of violating this .. “chief spiritual truth law” .. , in; its supreme defining of man's learning; those consequences preempt / supersede "any soul benefiting" effect, by; compliance with .. [ “lessor ranked spiritual truth laws” .. ], [ .. which are religious ceremonies being practiced, without the process of ( heart nature exchange ) occurring .. ]. This dominating truth, of “spiritual law”, supersedes / preempts the compliance with, and obedience to, .. “lessor ranked spiritual truth laws” .. .

        A man who violates this .. “supreme spiritual truth law of God” .. [ cannot ] be righteous, because of; diligent practice of .. “lessor ranked spiritual truth laws” .., which have lessor effect of consequences! The penalty of soul punishing judgments, which God exacts, because of; the violation of His supreme commandment, that penalty supersedes, and nullifies, Godly grace, of; soul transforming mercy, which would correlate to obedience, to; .. “lessor ranked spiritual truth laws” ...

        "This greater commandment cannot be circumvented, nor ignored, by: man's preference to choose some .. “easier spiritual truth law” .., or ( system of laws ), which might be selectively adhered to". Selective adherence, by men's biased choosing, [ must ] be abolished as nonsense; because, noncompliance, of the .. “supreme spiritual truth law” .., concludes such men in the penalty of soul punishing judgments, to; the measure of the highest commandment! Compliance to .. “lessor spiritual truth laws” .. [ .. which are religious ceremonies being practiced without heart nature exchange occurring .. ], such compliance is meaningless to God!

vs (8) Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and .. [ not after Christ ] .. . (9) For in him dwelleth ( all the fullness ) of the Godhead .. bodily. (10) And .. ye are complete in him .. , which is the head of all principality and power:

Colossians ( 2:8-10 )

Diamond Facet Nine

The Spiritual Law of: .. "Man's Faith According To God's Love"

        Being ( God's nature ) seeking, .. God's ( spiritual manifestation ) expressive, .. God's ( “spiritual law” ) accepting, .. and also God's ( .. covenant rule .. ) serving, is the reality of .. men working their faith .. [ in holiness ], to; obtain a ( love – nature ) of God, which; ( love – nature ), grows within the man, gradually, until; it possesses the man's heart, the man's soul, the man's mind and strength - abilities. The man who is striving, with: ( correctly focused .. “faith - working” ), toward; such a ( love – nature ); is a man who does all things with a heart .. a soul .. a mind .. and with all of his strength focused upon ( “faith – working” ), in; proper [ God – service ], and toward; heart nature exchanging. This man who is striving toward such proper [ God – serving ], in; his proper ( “faith - working” ); this man has arranged his dominant priority of life to satisfy God's ( .. covenant rule .. )!

         Men being ( .. self serving .. ), in a religious presumption to use God for ( .. self serving .. benefit .. ), and secondly; men practicing ( .. selective preference .. ), to uphold .. “less important religious rules” .. in a delusional attempt to foster God's ( .. covenant rule .. ); this ( .. self serving .. ) and this ( .. selective preferencing of "less important religious rules" ), are [ both ] key elements of a ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. ), a doctrine which [ never ] obtains the goal of a ( love nature ) within men's hearts; and, [ never ] obtains holy angel manifestations, both of which; are developed .. exclusively .. through men's correct ( “workings of holy faith” )!

         Men's ( .. self serving .. and religious rules serving .. ), in their [ not ] being [ God – serving ] .. and in their [ not ] accepting a [ yielded and humble ] posture toward God's ( .. covenant rule .. ); men's ( .. self serving .. and religious rules serving .. ) is a practice of doctrine - error, in men's ( “faith - working” ), whether; this ( .. self serving .. and religious rules serving .. ) posture is believed in and is practiced outside of a Christian church affiliation, or whether; this is a principle methodology of framing various .. [ Christian church - substitution types ] .. . This ideology of ( .. self serving .. and religious rules serving .. ) defies, and seeks to supersede, God's ( .. covenant rule .. ).

        In either case, [ outside of or inside ] the Christian church culture, this practice of ( “faith – working” ) is heart nature - leavening, and; this faith practice originates from training of the ( .. Babylonian church .. type .. ). Being or becoming ( .. religious rules serving .. ) and ( .. self interests' serving .. ), and practicing the evil presumption of using God for the intended attainment of ( .. self interest .. benefits .. ); this [ dual ] pattern of distorted ( “faith – working” ) is originated in a doctrine of ( .. Babylonian church .. heart nature development .. ), in; its soul leavening / programming .. [ orientation ] .. and in its eternal soul damaging and destroying!

That ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. type .. ) obfuscates and destroys man's correct ( “faith – working” ) practices, toward: God; and,

that ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. type .. ) builds up, gradually over time, a ( soul of man ) reinforcement, of: man's ( “faith – working” ) practices in ( .. RELIGIOUS DELUSIONS .. ), of being in Godly rightness while practicing self centeredness in self serving; and,

that ( .. Babylonian church doctrine.. type  .. ) builds up; man's unification with ( “faith – working” ) practices of [ “WORLDLY WAYS and INSTITUTIONS” ], which; [ “WORLDLY WAYS and INSTITUTIONS” ], have been developed .. over time of many preceding generations of evil men .. and which; [ “WORLDLY WAYS and INSTITUTIONS” ], are entirely contrary to holy ( “faith – working” ) practices; and,

that ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. type .. ) builds up; man's ( “faith – working” ) practices, in; developing man's ( "self survival" ) plans of [ MAMMON SERVING ], in focusing men's energies upon financial structures ~ development, as men's chief instrument of ( "self saving" ), therein;  men have departed from trusting in God; and,

that ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. type .. ) reinforces; men's perfecting of fleshly based abilities, pleasures and entertainments, continually enhancing men's entrapments to [ VANITY ], which diminishes and obscures men's spirituality and perceptions of holiness; and,

that ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. type .. ) reinforces; men's ( “faith – working” ) practices in their engineering [ FALSE CHURCH ] traditions and ceremonies, and diverse philosophies of doctrine, believing such fashionable variations of experimental religion to be a proper exemplification of God's intention for a holy church; and,

that ( .. Babylonian church doctrine .. type .. ) builds up; men's saving of ( .. the self .. ), through; the ( “faith - working” ) practice of [ OCCULTISM / WITCHCRAFT ], in; men's designs to rule over conditions of circumstance, and other men, with those psychic powers, and which, psychic powers activate .. spiritual affectations .. of Alien / Antichrist / Demon spirit ~ Angel coverings.

        This ( .. Babylonian church .. deception .. ) focuses, within such Babylonian trained “civilized men”, the leavened doctrine of ( intellectual reasoning ), championing the idea of men's having supreme independence from God's interaction and oversight, through the excellency of men's ( mental logic ), which; ability of man's intellect, is ( .. a God - capability of God's original creation design .. ). Men have become persuaded to fully utilize their intellectual reasoning  and men's [ "other" ] creation power of ( “faith – working” ), independently from God's holiness purpose entirely, for; ( .. self benefit .. ).

vs (15) Unto the pure ( those who are pure, in truth ) .. [ all things ] are pure ..: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving .. is nothing pure ..; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. (16) They profess that .. [ THEY KNOW GOD ] .. ; but .. in works .. they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and .. unto every good work .. reprobate.

Titus ( 1:15-16 )

Diamond Facet Ten

The Spiritual Law of: .. “God's Love Quality Comes by Man's Practice of Holy Faith”

        The love force, the love quality of man, the reality of a love expression within man, is obtained as man's reward, by: man's particular practice of ( “holy faith - working” ), which, ( “holy faith - working” ), is implicitly correlated [ only ] to the planned attainment of [ “God's nature” ]; and, this love quality can [ only ] be obtained by man's committed searching for the liberating effect, of; Divinely constrained ( “faith holiness” ), which, ( “faith holiness” ), [ must ] be accomplished with a dedicated resolve.

        This love quality must be expertly extruded, through: a highly complex maze of “civilized man's” thoughts and motivations, which have been constructed in evil deference, to; the ( .. Babylonian church .. doctrine .. ), which is anchored in ( .. self pleasing .. absorption .. ), ( .. self benefit .. prioritizing ), and ( .. self centered .. serving .. ). This shift, from; "God centered" ( “faith - working” ), in its dedication toward: a developed [ “love nature” .. of God ], and toward; that ( “faith - working” ) in a ( “faith holiness” .. discipline ), and toward; a resolve unto the ( "Christ" .. integrity  .. of faith holiness" ); this contrary shift, unto and toward; a ( .. self centered benefit .. ), and unto; ( .. "self directed" .. faith working .., in Antichrist faith .. ); this contrary shift [ is ] an abomination to God; this contrary shift is; changing men's life – plans, from; the requirement of ( “holy faith - working” )!

        This contrary shift will .. [ never ] .. bear the heart nature fruit, of God's primary character of love ( agape ), and this contrary shift is, therefore; a change which becomes the ( chief violation ) of God's supreme commandment! This ( violation ) secures such men to a penalty, of perpetuated judgments - balancing of God's “spiritual law scales”, which; judgments – balancing, justifies such men's soul condition to a dispensation of eternal damnation.The ( .. Babylonian church .. ) programmed tradition to uphold .. “lesser important religious rules” .., which are practiced with a rigid tradition and disciplined structure - requirement; that programmed tradition to uphold .. “lesser important religious rules” .. [ cannot ] erase the balancing weights penalties for ( violating ) the supreme commandment, which, supreme commandment, has been established, and prioritized, in accordance with; God's sovereignty over .. “covenant law jurisdictions” .. and .. “spiritual law judgments” .. .

         This ( .. Babylonian church .. doctrine .. ), which is ( “faith - works” ) practiced, and heart nature leavened, through: the hearts of “civilized men”; this ( .. Babylonian church .. doctrine .. ) is a "soul of man" program which must be purged out of Godly preferring men, for; such men's souls to be [ "saved" ], from; the inevitable consequences, of; balancing scales destruction, that God sovereignly imposes, upon; this evil world, and upon; [ all ] of the advocates and disciples and captured prisoners, of this evil doctrine! This purging out process is a ( “faith - work” ), of disciplined resolve, which is founded upon a desire to learn .. carefully .., and obediently satisfy, God's ( .. covenant rule .. ).

vs (20) Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, .. as though living in the world .. , are ye subject to ordinances ( principles of the world ), (21) ( Touch not; taste not; handle not; (22) Which .. [ ALL ARE TO PERISH WITH THE USING ] .. ; ) after the commandments and doctrines of men? (23) Which things have indeed a shew of wisdom in .. [ will worship ] .. , and ( a show of ) .. [ humility ] .. , and ( a pretended sacrifice in the ) .. [ neglecting of the body ] .. ; not in any honour ( of God, but ) .. to the satisfying of the flesh .. .

Colossians ( 2:20-23 )

Diamond Facet Eleven

The Spiritual Law of: .. "God – Serving Faith"

        The error doctrine leavening, having been thoroughly ingrained within the heart natures of such “civilized men”,; such error doctrine leavening must be purged out .. cleansed .. from the souls of corrupted men, by the power of God's truth. The truth, God's .. “supreme spiritual law" .. with the accompanying nature of ( God's love .. “agape” ); that precise truth, empowered with God's holiness nature, can be obtained [ only ] through Divinely constrained ( “faith – working” ) in [ God – serving ], which; [ God - serving .. "faith" ] of practicing covenant men, progresses, such covenant believing men out of their inherited nature of sinfulness and doctrinal darkness, toward experiencing their own nature becoming changed unto ( .. Divine holiness .. )!

        This truth, with the accompaniment of God's holiness nature; that truth is the covenant believer's discovery, when such men feel a love for God, and practice their "faith" in actively loving God. Men's feeling of an active love for God, and; men deliberately focusing their attention toward the satisfying of God's will from within their love for God, and; such men offering themselves continuously unto God's service in their pursuit of God's will  accomplishment; such men will surrender up their independence from God with a most sincere heart. Such men feel a motivational desire to attain a personal fellowship with God; and, in this fellowship desire, such men love God actively through this continuous ( "faith working" ), unto the end that those men experience sudden quickenings, an unpredictable awareness, whereby; they .. strangely .. [ know ] God's truth.

This loving of God, with this continuous ( "faith working" ) focus, must:

(1) anchor the man's soul, to the attainment of the man's one supreme purpose, which is [ God – serving ]; and, this loving of God ( "faith working" ) must;

(2) guide and give reason to man's spiritual walk, in constraining such men's emotional senses, which are acutely sensitive to continuing changes in the spirit realm of angel coverings, in; its dynamics of spontaneous and continuous fluctuations; and also, this loving of God ( "faith working" ) must;

(3) qualify, to the covenant man, God's purpose for such men's mental dynamics of “observation” .. “categorization” .. and “assimilating of information”, in men's learning of a spiritually enlivened environment, which, .. mental dynamics of observation .., incorporate [ also ] men's awareness of social conditions of adversity, within a community of many worldly trained men, and their worldly – realm rules of acceptance and survival; and further, this loving of God ( "faith working" ) must;

(4) define clear limitations .. delineations of boundaries .. references of avoidance and dread .. upon men's decision making, in men's .. [ will – determination .. and discipline ] .., in; [ all ] of men's assertions, resolutions, and acceptances! This loving of God ( "faith working" ) must;

(5) constrain men's forecasting of results probabilities in determining future conclusions; thereby, such covenant men will lend themselves to accept God's intended purpose .. life - plan designs .. and results attainment, in; men's pursuit of accomplishing God's revealed will, in their [ God – serving ]. And, this loving of God ( "faith working" ) must;

(6) direct men's conscious focus toward a disciplined obedience, in working out God's life - plan design, regardless of the surprises that might occur in the fulfillment of God's mysterious results.

SUMMATION: “Man's soul” must have one supreme purpose .. man's “emotional senses” will be aware of angels and changes in the realm of angels  coverings .. man's “mental observation” will be capable of cataloging the environment in earthy, societal, and spiritual realm changes .. man's “willful determination” and "self saving assertions" must be deliberately constrained to correct decision making, according to the active voice of God's will .. man's “intellectual reasoning” and  "pathological programming" and "forecasting of conclusions" must be denied in a deliberate preference for learning the spiritual ways of a Spiritual Father and a Spiritual Savior .. man's results of spiritual works, and the covenant believer's eternal rewards occur as a direct correlation to man's “faith working”. These soul characterizations are, [ all ], to be anchored, by this loving of God ( "faith working" ), developing / growing / fruit bearing, within; man's heart!

Man's ( SOUL ), and the soul's five components, of: ( EMOTIONAL DISCERNMENT ), ( OBSERVING MIND ), ( WILLFUL ASSERTION ), ( REASONING INTELLECT ), ( FAITH EMPOWERMENT ), are man's five sentient qualities, which [ must ] be anchored, by; this loving of God ( "faith working" )!

        All things, .. of man's sentient expression and purpose .., are to be bound in voluntary constraints, by: a dedication to this loving of God ( "faith working" ), from [ within ] the covenant man's heart, with its implicit direction of [ God serving ], which; self containment of this sentient expression and purpose, is the [ KEY ] to a covenant believer's obtaining the mystery of God's holy truth, which; perfect truth, is then accompanied with God's love nature, [ within and throughout ] the transformation process of the believing man's heart.

        Within this .. “eternal spiritual law” .., of choosing this discipleship of loving God, as an active integrity of ( "faith working" ), then, is [ .. the leavening power of God's - truth and love nature .. ]. This loving of God ( "faith working" ), correspondingly and simultaneously, cleanses  the covenant man's heart from the indwelling evil nature and the ( .. Babylonian church .. doctrine .. ), which "fathered" that indwelling evil nature. The ( .. Babylonian church .. doctrine .. ), and its ( “faith – works” .. program to corrupt and capture its believing souls ), that ( .. Babylonian church .. doctrine .. ) has inherently perpetuated the evil nature of already fallen men, from within the guise of being a holy religion. This fallen men's nature would then be repeated unto men's eternal destruction and damnation .. without end .. or other remedy of change. However, the victory over .. the redemption from .. this indwelling evil nature has been obtained finally, by the covenant believer's having attained ( God's truth and love – nature ); which, ( God's truth and love – nature ), has [ saved ] that covenant man's soul, from the certain damnation of that reinforced evil programming! 

vs (1) Beloved, [ believe not every spirit ], but [ try the spirits ] ( prophets .. church messengers .. church preachers .. any church pulpit sermonizer ) whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. (2) ( Hereby know ye ) the Spirit of God: .. [ EVERY SPIRIT THAT CONFESSETH .. THAT JESUS CHRIST IS COME IN THE FLESH .. ( in the flesh of man / within the flesh of believing men, to be known as a Divine nature and voice of fellowship and spiritual presence, from within those men's hearts and by their continuous motivations of Divine truth .. agape ) IS OF GOD ] .. : (3) And .. [ every spirit that confesseth not .. that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh .. ( in the flesh of man / within the flesh of believing men, to be known as a Divine nature and voice of fellowship and spiritual presence, from within those men's hearts and by their continuous motivations of Divine truth .. agape ) is not of God ] .. : and this is that spirit of Antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now .. already .. is in the world.

1 John ( 4:1-3 )

Diamond Facet Twelve

The Spiritual Law of: .. "Intercession by a Priesthood Authority"

        When covenant - man (1) exercises ( “faith – works” ) toward [ God – serving ], as: an exercise of that man's preeminent love .. motivational desire .. and disciplined focus; that very same man becomes a conduit of (2) .. [ God's will ] .., .. [ with the endowment of God's holy authority ] ..,  being granted a grace of [ God's spiritual righteousness ]. By such a covenant - man's advocacy of [ God – serving ] God ( Himself ) becomes revealed, in His Divinely right order and power, intimately, from within; that covenant man's ( “faith – works” ), from within; that covenant man's experience of [ God - serving ]!

        God draws the man, leads the man, deliberately, to this ( “faith – works” ) plan of [ God – serving ] expression; whereby, God is strategically revealing His own .. [ will ] .., .. [ with the endowment of His holy authority and spiritual righteousness ] .., through; the man's supernatural ( “faith works ".. power ), which; ( “faith works" .. power ) produces, then, the Divine works ~ evidence of (3) the [ “Christ quality” .. anointing ], of ( .. Divine Life .. )!

        This trinity, of: (1) [ God – serving ] .. (2) the revealing of [ God's will .. with the endowment of His holy authority and spiritual righteousness ] .. (3) evidence of the [ “Christ quality” .. anointing ] of .. ( Divine Life ), [ all three ] being driven and revealed by such a covenant - man's discipline of ( “faith – works” ); this trinity is the originating pattern; whereby, (4) the [ .. PRIESTHOOD MINISTRY .. ] appears .. is qualified and attained .. in its necessary function and mandated purpose, of; holy intercession for others!

        The  [ .. PRIESTHOOD MINISTRY .. ], of holy intercession, (4) is a derivative result of covenant man's ( “faith – works” ), when man's ( “faith – works” ) are anchored down to this trinity of Divine function and purpose, of; (1) [ God – serving ] .. (2) [ God's will .. with the endowment of holy authority and spiritual righteousness ] .. and (3) the [ “Christ quality” .. anointing ] of .. ( Divine Life ). That [ .. Grace of God .. ] attainment, in the love character standard of God's nature, that [ .. Grace of God .. ], is; the goal, and is; the intended result, which comes through; the ( “faith – works” ) of such a covenant – man.

        That [ .. Grace of God .. ] is supplied, by; God, through; this trinity matrix, of: (1) [ God – serving ] .. (2) [ God's will .. with the endowment of holy authority and spiritual righteousness ] .. and (3) the [ “Christ quality” .. anointing ] of .. ( Divine Life ), as; the patterned methodology for entering into the [ .. PRIESTHOOD MINISTRY .. ] (4), of holy intercession, which; ( “faith – works .. power” ) is directed, by this [ .. Grace of God .. ], in the creating .. producing .. maintaining, of; control and direction, over; (5) ( “angel coverings” )!

        This  [ .. PRIESTHOOD MINISTRY .. ], of holy intercession; this priesthood labor in intercession prepares the way for other covenant men to be “drawn and lead”, within; the ( “angel coverings” ), of; those other covenant men's souls ( hearts' core .. spiritual wombs ). Those other covenant men's souls' ( hearts' core .. spiritual wombs ), in their preparation, is dependent, therefore, upon the Priesthood man / woman, as; a Divine appointment of spiritual authority, for; this holy intercession (4), of ( “angel coverings” ) construction (5); and for; the following work of those covenant men's souls ( hearts' core .. spiritual wombs ), in the spiritual process of [ .. Divine nature .. seed planting .. ] (6).

These two .. "faith works" .. together,

..  this first ( “faith – works” ) plan of [ God – serving ] (1), and this subsequent ( “faith – works” ) plan of [ .. PRIESTHOOD MINISTRY .. holy intercession ] (4) .. ;

these two .. "faith works" .. bring about the effect of the future reward of God's [ .. Divine nature .. fruit bearing .. ] (6), with; its primary expression of ( God's truth and love ), being evident / noticeable, in the next covenant - men's .. ( “faith - works” ) .. direction, which; new covenant men's .. ( “faith - works” ) .., will, be correlated to, and derived out from, God's fruit born truth and love - nature, as; the motivational nature which is continuously rising up, from within; those next covenant men!

vs (1) For every high priest .. taken from among men .. is ordained for men .. in things pertaining to God, that he may offer both ( gifts and sacrifices for sins ): (2) Who ( every high priest ) can have compassion on the ignorant, and on them that are out of the way; for that he ( the high priest ) himself also is compassed with infirmity. (3) And by reason hereof ( being compassed with infirmity .. suffering ) he ( the high priest ) ought, as for the people, so also for himself, to offer ( gifts and sacrifices ) for sins. (4) And .. [ NO MAN TAKETH THIS HONOUR UNTO HIMSELF, BUT HE THAT IS CALLED OF GOD ] .. , as was Aaron (5) So also Christ glorified not himself .. to be made an high priest; but he that said unto him, Thou art my Son, ( meaning from the Father ) today have I begotten thee. ( thus signifying that God established Christ in the role of high priest ) ..

Hebrews ( 5:1-5 )

Diamond Facet Thirteen

The Spiritual Law of: .. "Faith Toward God's Truth"

        Men's focusing of their dedication, ( "first" ), to love God, in: [ all ] things; this focusing decision postures such men's hearts to be opened up, like a receptive door, for: God to move, on behalf of such men, and for; God to gradually produce, [ within ] the hearts of those covenant men, the effect of ( God's Divine nature ), with; its holy ( .. truth conscience.. ); which, holy ( .. truth conscience .. ), is defined as [ “an abiding holy light, of Divine clarity” ], in such men's witnessing of spontaneous revelations, of God's wisdom and knowledge, which; holy ( .. truth conscience .. ), is accompanied with, and confirmed by, God's primary character of love .. "agape".

        Men's deciding to focus, ( “first” ), their love for God, and to no longer focus their interests upon ( "self love" ); that decision of men's focusing is [ “THE” ] deliberate targeting of covenant man's ( “faith – working” ), which; allows God's [ .. Word Truth .. ] and [ love .. "agape" ] to abide together within those covenant men, permitting that [ .. Word Truth .. ] and [ love .. "agape" ] to grow and mature within the ( “holy faith - working .. hearts” ), of; such men / women!

        Furthermore, God's love nature .. "agape", growing and maturing within His covenant men / women, reinforces such covenant men toward an absolute integrity of upholding a ( .. Word truth ~ conscience .. ), thereby; such men would have the continuing response of [ .. the holy light of Divine clarity / “God's holy truth” comprehension and articulated expression .. ], [ saving ] such covenant men's hearts, from; [ .. “the lie” .. ], [ .. “the pandering philosophical lie”, of; “man's stature being perceived as being above God and independent from God's sovereign oversight” .. ], [ .. “the seductive lie”, of; men directing God's supernatural power through their prayers, which; prayers, are directed toward satisfying such men's self centered interests / lusts / self exalting glories .. ], which; many subtle variations of the [ .. “lie” .. ], are the programmed philosophies and commonly endorsed religious ideologies, of; the [ .. Babylonian church doctrine .. ]!

        Such [ .. "lies" .. ], when believed in and followed with dedicated ( "faith working" );  such believed in [ .. "lies" .. ] would, .. certainly .. erode the accomplished growing of ( God's Divine nature ) of [ .. love .. "agape" ] unto its maturity of inner heart motivations. Should men fixate their love toward God, as their ( "first" ) priority of dedicated ( "faith working" ), and also simultaneously fixate their ( "faith working" ) toward any manner of philosophical / religious [ .. "lies" .. ]; such believed in [ .. "lies" .. ] will .. AUTOMATICALLY and CERTAINLY .. cancel out, continuously, men's progress in receiving the inner heart character of ( God's Divine nature ) of [ .. love .. "agape" ]. Therein, the accompanying [ saving ] power of God's Word ( .. truth conscience .. ) would never be attained; and, such practitioners would be .. continually .. deceived in thinking that they were / had been [ saved ] by their pretended love toward God.

        Men's loving God, but denying God's Word ~ truth, as a private advocacy toward any variation of philosophical or religious [ .. "lies" .. ], is absolutely practicing a contradiction and hypocrisy, in their love proclamation. Such hypocritically practicing men / women do not, in actuality, love the Word of God, in the wholeness of it's complete and pristinely perfect message; but, are self justifying in their fragmenting the Holy Bible, in their selectively holding onto favorite passages, and then in their altering the Bible Truth - wholeness through their diverse interpretations, which; preferred fragmentations and favored selections and biased alterations of the Bible, bring about the effectuation of ( "self blindness" ), with its .. "delusions of righteousness and innocent piety" .., thereby; stealing from such practitioners, the affect of salvation, which comes .. exclusively .. from that perfect Word, from within it's original Holy construction by the Creation Father.

        True covenant men / women love God, in the wholeness of everything that God [ .. IS .. ], and in accordance with everything that God has proclaimed, and; are pursuant of everything that God has appointed to His covenant men / women .. to learn .. to understand .. to abide in .. and to obey! Everything of God is to be embraced upon a platform of loving God, without exception! So, men / women proclaiming to love God .. with a whole heart .. with all of the soul's sentient awareness .. with a deliberate commitment of mental acuity .. with the fullness of the physical body strength ability, and with the strength of all financial treasures, and societal influences, and all material assets; such professing men / women of covenant design will submit .. ENTIRELY .. to God's Word ~ truth, regardless of that Word's mysteries, or seemingly impossible standards and promises, or balancing scales penalties of perfect and fearsome consequences, or difficult spiritual methodologies of kingdom order that have not been .. previously .. experienced.

vs (6) For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practice hypocrisy, and to utter error against the Lord, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

Isaiah ( 32:6 )

vs (27) Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. (27) Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

Matthew ( 23:27-28 )

Diamond Facet Fourteen

The Spiritual Law of: .. "God's Truth Fellowship"

        Men having God's uncompromised Word, revealed unto them in Divine clarity of truth ..; this having the holy Word ~ truth is a conduit reference to the promise of receiving God's character nature of ( .. love .. "agape" .. ), which; Word truth promise, covenant men must hold onto, with dedicated resolve, without wavering, with utmost integrity of ( "faith working" .. purpose ). God's uncompromised Word ( .. truth conscience .. ), abiding within covenant men, is paramount in men's loving God, for; in men's loving God, their love is toward a conscious .. living .. God who is the author of creation; and, in that authorship of creation, God designed the universe to function with perfect order, having structure and form, having a foundation of learnable principles that enable the universe to be maintained, for life to be enabled, with continuous perfection, throughout eternity. This God .. creation Father .. formed the universe through the preliminary order of [ .. "THE WORD" .. ], which is the literal DNA, at the very core of all creation. God's Word preceded ( "everything else" ) of creation! 

        Then, in the mystery of Divine creation, the creation Father established a phenomenon which would defy all manner of men's reason. God begot a son, a living being after the pattern of Himself, who extended the God dynamic of created life outwardly unto the whole of creation, even unto the establishment of that very DNA core of that created universe, having a perfect ( living ) clarity of that universe whole, as a continual sentience; whereby, this son of the Father was .. is .. will always be the emanation of the Father's  Word ~ Life ~ Force of Creation! The son of this creation Father is, .. who we know to be .. Jesus, the man of the Holy Bible who was born without sin,

.. who is the perfect man who knew God .. the creation Father .. from the beginning of all creation,

.. and who knew the Father with perfect clarity of reasoned thought,

.. who felt the sentient presence of the Father as an invisible Spirit, 

.. who was perfectly connected to the Father as an indwelling consciousness,

.. who became a flesh tabernacle for the perfect God character to be seen, and heard and witnessed by mankind, .. as the perfect picture of God, for men to be enabled to know who God is.

        This Jesus, born in the town of Bethlehem in the land of Israel, proclaimed by the creation Father to be the savior of mankind, saving men from a heart nature of sinfulness and eternal darkness; this peculiar man .. Jesus .. God's Christ .. God's Holy Anointed One .. God's New Covenant Mediator between the creation Father and fallen / mind darkened / lost men .. ; this Jesus [ IS ] the .. [ "LIVING WORD of GOD" ] .. . This concept of the [ "LIVING WORD" ] is the merging of God's Word within the flesh of God's created life form, of mankind; wherein, this .. ONE MAN .. Jesus of Nazareth became the [ "FIRST BEGOTTEN" ], within men's flesh, to completely fulfill the creation Father's design for an enlarging population of multitudes, of God - men.

        There is only this one son of the creation Father; whereby, the universe was created. And, there are not many sent sons, who were created to be the "living Word".. TRUTH .. of the creation Father, who were to be mediators of many covenants between God and fallen men. There is only this one begotten son of God's creation "WORD".  And so, this one son of God, sent from the creation Father, to fallen men, to enable the salvation of men; this exclusive son of God is to be revered by such men who have been ( "called out" ) of the darkness of the world, to come into the "light" of this covenant salvation. Jesus .. God's Sent Christ .. is that precisely perfect .. TRUTH .. of the "LIVING WORD" .. of the creation Father.

        So, for covenant men / women to portray themselves with having a dedicated .. ( "highest" priority ) .. love for God, such covenant men / women are establishing themselves as loving .. implicitly .. God's begotten son, who was the son begotten before His creation, who is the "LIVING WORD" of God, the mediator of the covenant .. OF TRUTH .. with the creation Father; and therein, such professing men / women of faith will perceive themselves as having a holy reverence for God's sent .. TRUTH .. without having any contrary loyalties or preferences for alternative philosophies .. subjective ideologies .. self - creative postulations .. or variable ~ truth perspectives .. or universalizing of all religious faiths as having the one and the same origin. This .. TRUTH .. of Jesus Christ, and the covenant of salvation from the creation Father that has been extended to fallen men through this exclusive .. "LIVING WORD" .. Son of God; this exact .. TRUTH .. is the [ only ] standard of faith for ( "called out" ) covenant men / women.

vs (1) ... In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (2) The same was in the beginning with God. (3) All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. (4) In him was life; and the life was the light of men. .. (14) And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, ( and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, ) full of grace and truth.

 John ( 1:1-4 & 14 )


        The progress, of a spiritual pilgrim, requires dedication / perseverance / continual reflection upon the spiritual walk cadence and metered rhythm of God; therein, .. “The Prophet's Mandate within the Church” .. series is designed for such a spiritual walk continuation. Those who are impacted by the “real – time” manifestations of God, as God confirms these documents with many personal signs of recognizable evidence; those pilgrims will need more material, in a continuous “feeding” of their spiritual seed of Divine life! Other documents, from this author, will enable this pilgrimage, adding strength and spiritual nourishment, to that spiritual seed, which has been planted in its season of spiritual renaissance! Readers of this document are encouraged to review other such documents from these authors, and continue the progress of eternal life, within; God's Spirit Life Kingdom, on; this present earth!

vs (14) Neglect not ( the gift ) that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of hands of the presbytery. (15) Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all. (16) Take heed unto thyself, and .. [ UNTO THE DOCTRINE ] .. ; ( continue in them ): for in doing this thou shalt both ( save thyself, and them ) that hear thee.

1 Timothy ( 4:14-16 )